Success Stories

Ideal for advanced learners too!

Hadar is one of the best teachers I have EVER experienced. She is engaging, has a great sense of humor, and makes the learning experience fun and rewarding. Hadar topped my very high expectations!

I am pretty much bilingual/advanced in my English, and yet I still learned so much from this course. I feel that Hadar is a one-of-a-kind teacher and the passion for her work is absolutely contagious. 

If you are on the fence about this course, think about it this way: What you will walk away with is not only better, clearer English, but more confidence. And if you ask me, confidence is priceless.


Discovering your potential!

I once went to an accent reduction coach who was a singer. She told me that my speaking didn’t have any melody and corrected me in a bad way! I asked her about the method of teaching and she said “I teach IPA method” and wrote down a sound on the paper. She wanted to charge me $500 for the first 4 sessions! She also told me that it might take years for me to improve my pronunciation. 

I felt sad and miserable and saw no way to overcome the obstacle. 

When I found Hadar it was like I was living in a huge beautiful house for a long time, but I had no idea that there are bright beautiful rooms there!  

Hadar is extremely passionate and knows exactly what you need and which road you need to take to move forward. The way she designed the course content is flawless. Time management, lessons, community,


You get all the support you need

This course is outstanding. I took other American accent courses with an American born teacher and language pathologist in the past. They provided the lessons and simply sold it. They were usually unreachable to ask questions. And I wasn’t happy about it. Most of the students were often confused about how to practice except just watching and repeating what the teachers taught.

However, Hadar provides the lessons flawlessly. Hadar and the accent mentors were there, approachable, ready to answer questions when we were stuck. In the weekly live lessons, I had the chance to work with  Hadar face to face which was a treasure.

She challenged me to get out of my comfort zone. It was very hard at first, but I soon realized that that was a blessing in disguise. She’s an amazing and ingenious coach to learn from and follow if anyone wants to acquire an American accent.


Mastering American English Pronunciation

Some of my colleagues realized that I have a better American accent now. And also, I myself noticed my speech becomes more connected, in a way that I have better awareness of connection, connected speech, and some strong and weak words.

As a non-native teacher of English, I can’t say that I have full confidence when I use English. But then, after taking this course, I can see that my confidence is getting stronger.

I expected that I would improve my English proficiency, but I hadn’t thought that I could improve my confidence in using English. This is amazing.
I recommend this program to anyone who is serious about improving their English.


The Clarity I was looking for

I remember that at the beginning of the program, I had a bag full of fear and unknown things. And now, at the end of the program, that bag turned in one full of hopes and wishes for myself and for my English.

This program helped me a lot to understand my needs, to understand what I have to do to move to the next level. And definitely, this program made me change my mindset. I realized that from time to time, it’s really important to trust yourself, go for it, look at the big picture, and take action.

I can say that I’m really happy that I made the decision to follow Hadar. And I know that was one of my best decisions in life. And I’m pretty, pretty sure that I’ll improve my English and I’ll be able to speak more fluently, and I’ll have more confidence in myself.


You get much more than what you sign up for

When I signed up for this program, I expected that we’re going to study like we used to study in university or in school, but maybe just a bit more interactive. But eventually, once we started, we discovered so many insights and so many unexpected bonuses.

But, the most significant thing that Hadar has helped us with was our mindset.

I realized that with the right mindset, it’s easy to be encouraged, to be inspired, and to be full of energy to learn English.

I have noticed some changes in my speaking and my English. First of all, I’m able to notice my pronunciation mistakes and correct myself and I feel more confident while speaking English.
And I really like how I sound now. And I like it more and more day by day!

United Arab Emirates

The course helps you make an impact

Right now I feel so confident when speaking. I can see that my message is more clear. And the people in front of me, on the computer and in Skyping can understand what I want to say.

And also, one thing that I think that it’s so important about the course, it’s the impact. If we want to finally move forward with our goals and to have an impact on our community, it’s really important to do our best. And thanks to this course, it’s really easy to do it.

And also, one of the best things in my opinion is to share all of this experience with people from different countries. At the end, I think that we have a lot of things in common. So, it’s really nice to talk with people from other parts and to learn about you. And to see that at the end, we are just human beings and that we have more things in common than we don’t.


The course that gets you to stick till the end

I’ve never finished any course in my life, but here I am, after completing this course.
I went into the program and I finished it.
My husband was the first to notice my change. One day he told me “Hey, your pronunciation is better”. And I felt so happy all day.
I can express myself more freely now. I feel the confidence to do it because even when my pronunciation is not perfect, I can communicate.


People finally Understand me

The reason why I joined this program is because people could not recognize my English as English. They thought maybe I was speaking Russian or Portuguese to them. And I wanted them to understand me immediately – and I achieved it. People can now understand me.

When we think about improving our accents, we usually think of particular sounds, like “I don’t get the American R”, or “I don’t get the vowels”.
But the huge improvement that I’ve made was in confidence. Now, I guess it’s the most important thing.


Improved my confidence a lot!

Thank you, Hadar, I really feel that I was supported. All of your videos were super clear. I love the way you explained every topic and I loved practicing with it.

This course helped me to understand that we don’t need to be perfect
and we are always going to have an opportunity to keep on learning.
And that your English doesn’t determine how intelligent or how good you are at something. So I think that my confidence improved a lot with this course. Especially, as an English teacher, because now I know more.


Understanding Native speakers better

I think my pronunciation has improved very much and my recordings show it! I like one documentary series with Morgan Freeman but three months ago I had to use subtitles in order to understand it. Now, however, I can understand Morgan Freeman without subtitles! I feel fantastic!


The essence of American English in 10 weeks only

A ten weeks long course seems to me 10 days only. Now I am much more confident in English than 2 months back and it has happened during an Accent Makeover course under the direct coaching of Hadar Shemesh. Each Module has been designed to grab all necessary elements of American Accents and the students can absorb the essence of it within a short time.  I have enjoyed the course from beginning to end. But I have no appropriate word how to describe such feelings. It was amazing.


The most helpful resources!

I wanna thank you for the great course. It was so helpful to understand now where your tongue has to be and I loooove the toolkit. I made it 3 times to week 5 and my favorite workout is day number 24. I love it and it is so helpful. I don’t want it to end.

So thank you again. You are a great teacher and I would love to meet you one day.


The impossible turned POSSIBLE

In one of the videos Hadar says, when you speak English, sometimes you feel that your superpowers are taken away from you. And it was exactly how I was feeling. 

I felt like I had lost my experience as a professional, my creativity, my skills, everything has been taken for me because I don’t speak English properly. 

But later I watched another video there where she said that “your English mistakes don’t change who you are.” 

Those magical words allowed me to gain back my power and feel more confident, more happy when it comes to speaking in English.

I know there is a long way to go. Nothing happened overnight but I’m sure now that it’s possible.

It is possible to speak very good English. It is possible to improve my English. It is possible because we have the best teacher in the world. It is possible because we had the best program.


Better communication skills

After the course, I can feel the difference when I communicate with native English speakers. Unlike before, they understand me much better than before.


Making Learning a pleasure

I highly recommend this course to everyone who really wants to improve skills in English speaking and understanding. Hadar is not just a professional teacher but a wonderful person. It is a pleasure to learn from her.


A great investment in your communication skills

I’ve gained so much confidence from this course. Now I know how to recognize my own mistakes and make the corrections myself. This is a great investment and will help you transform the way you speak and your attitude towards communicating in English. Lifetime access to the program lets you learn at your own pace.


An amazing adventure

My dear Hadar, I can’t find the right words to express my feelings about this course. It was an amazing adventure. Thanks to you, I discovered a new way to view English. Your course is the treasury of knowledge, emotions and unforgettable impressions. 

Thank you a billion times for this great opportunity. Actually, you ‘ve done one more thing: you helped me to find remarkable amazing people who become my real friends. Thank you for this invaluable gift.


A joyful experience

What I really appreciate in this course is the human part, the course design, the people who created it and participated, the activities…. in these three months I’ve felt happy!! I’ve met wonderful people from all over the world and that’s priceless.  You can’t buy love


Just do it

I wasn’t sure if my English was good enough to make the most of the program.

By the end of the course, I felt a huge improvement in pronunciation and also in the rhythm and intonation. I enjoy how my American English sounds more and more, but also reading out loud is what I really like now! 

I definitely would recommend this course! Anyone who wants to improve their pronunciation, learn tons of great stuff and maybe even change life for the better – go for it! Just do it!


Groundbreaking Teaching Method

Before taking the Accent Makeover online course, I’d never been empowered by anybody else in language, improving the outstanding way that Hadar did and is still doing. To be entirely transparent, I hesitated a great deal before signing up and was doubtful of whether it is going to work at all. Despite having deep language experience and advanced English grammar skills, I struggled with self-confidence in fluency and pronunciation. During the Accent Makeover class, something marvelous was happening. It changed my perspective on language learning thoroughly. It is based upon Hadar’s excellent approach to coach enabling everyone to improve specific skills individually.

Consequently, once and for all, I changed my habits of how to do the muscle work speaking English with proper rhythm, intonation, and feeling the flow. Finally, I got it and put together the puzzle of the American accent. Hadar’s great personality as a teacher, coach, and friend, as well as her inspiring ability to capture people’s imagination, and lead students to discover their hidden potential, enriched my life and profession. Without the slightest whiff of an exaggeration, I highly recommend Hadar’s online workshop!  

P.S. I wrote this testimonial after my first round of Accent Makeover in 2018. As a truth-loving person, I had to validate the permanent outcome, being aware it was not just a temporary success. Today, not only can I confirm every single word written back then, but I’d also love to share my genuine gratitude for being shown a path (The Accent’s Way) to a real breakthrough in fluency, pronunciation, and rhythm. It truly worked! Without a doubt, my takeaway is that putting the proper effort into what’s right for you will make you pretty soon enjoy your progress and communicate in English confidently. 


Worth every penny!

I highly recommend Hadar’s course. If you want to sound better and if you want people not to have a hard time understanding you, then don’t hesitate to make this personal investment. It is worth it