How to Pronounce ‘Word’

‘Word’ is a very simple word, actually one of the first ones we learn in English. Even so, some people find it difficult to pronounce.

There are two things that make it difficult:

  1. Many people try to pronounce it with the ‘o’ sound because there’s the letter ‘o’ in the spelling. But actually there’s no ‘o’ sound in this word.
  2. The second thing is that for learners of American English, the R sound can be challenging as well, especially when it’s so close to the w sound.

So, the word ‘word’ is pronounced as ‘wurd’.

Watch the video tutorial on how to produce those sounds and practice:

In case you were wondering…

While in most American English dialects, we pronounce the R sounds, in many British dialects we don’t. To pronounce the word ‘word’ in standard British English, you use the same STIR sound but drop the R sound: ‘wuhd’.

Additional resources for your English

Now that you know how to pronounce ‘word’, try ‘world’. Watch this tutorial.

To learn more about American R sound watch this training with FREE Audio Practice sheet.

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