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I do not plan what I'm about to say ahead of time anymore, I do not translate in my mind, and thanks to this program I think in English now! It's a totally new approach to learning English
Manel Mekerri

The course will teach them something new even if they think there’s nothing more to be learned. … I can speak even faster than before, and hear everything clearly. I’m no longer embarrassed by the things that I wrongly pronounce.


Hanka, English teacher

My investment in this course is one of the best things I've ever done. I started to notice my mistakes and became more focused whenever I speak and when I listen to others.


Feven Tekle

This is the best course for those who want to learn English. I am more aware of my pronunciation, I can now speak slowly without overthinking, I no longer translate in my mind before speaking, and my mindset has improved. 


Ana, Educadora

The high spirits of the community encourage people to keep moving forward no matter how old you are and what your circumstances are.