Have you ever tried to sound more natural in English by changing your pitch and voice, but the last thing you felt was natural OR neutral?
Or maybe you’re not trying to change ANYTHING but the voice that comes out of you is simply not your own and sounds like somebody else’s. How does that make you feel?

Changing your pitch to sound more ‘American’ is not a bad thing.
English has a different vocal placement than other languages, and the American voice probably has a different vocal quality than your voice in your first language (native tongue).

However, finding the proper vocal placement in English can only happen once you start feeling comfortable with your OWN voice, and once you UNDERSTAND how your voice works.
I have noticed that for many of my students their voice and pitch change in English and they simply don’t know why and how to change that.

And that makes them feel like they are a different person.
Not feeling like yourself will make you feel distant, detached and judgmental.

You see, your voice is a mere reflection of your internal state, and if you don’t feel comfortable in English, if you feel nervous, insecure, scared – it will come across in your voice.

In this video, I’m sharing with you why your voice changes, as well as a great vocal technique that will help your voice sound more expressive, neutral and clear when speaking English.

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