The Power of Storytelling

With Sun Yi
October 8, 2020

What makes a story interesting? What gets people to connect?
Why is storytelling important when you’re a speaker of a second language?
(and an excellent way to improve your communication skills.)

When I first met Sun Yi on Instagram, I was in awe of how someone can convey a profound message that touches people deeply with very few words.
He wasn’t using lots of fancy words and crazy idioms. It was HOW he was using words. And how he was letting himself be vulnerable and show up authentically.

On the show, Sun will share his story, and why he decided to have an impact on people’s lives using stories. He will also share some tips on how you too can become a great storyteller, with a BONUS tutorial on how to create compelling Instagram posts sharing your stories (and wait for the fun homework assignment!)

This is ESPECIALLY useful for all the teachers, business owners, and artists who want to build an authentic and powerful brand online (without letting English get in the way). Join us live!

Sun Yi is the Founder & Principal of Night Owls, a digital branding agency headquartered in NYC. With over 20 years of experience working in digital branding, Sun has helped brands go from virtually zero in revenue to $1 billion. Sun has a passion for personal brands and has worked with bestselling authors as well as world-renowned public speakers and entrepreneurs. He also loves to help personal brands grow by creating content on Instagram. In his personal time, Sun enjoys yoga, audiobooks, youtube, and motorcycles.

Sun Yi on Instagram: @Sun.Yi
Authentic as F*ck Podcast/YouTube:

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