Using English in Real Life | Interview with Ethan from RealLife English

June 17, 2021

In this episode of the Live English Show I’m meeting with Ethan from RealLife English and Learn English with TV Series.

Ethan is passionate about innovative learning strategies, and is dedicated to developing new ways for global speakers to connect and communicate.

Here’s what we talked about:

• How to identify your motivations for learning
• How to build strong learning habits
• Speaking and practicing with native vs. non-native speakers
• The challenges and advantages of cross-cultural communication

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Fun facts about Ethan

• I’ve learned 6 different languages (although nowadays I can speak 3 or 4 well)
• I am almost always learning something outside of my “area of expertise”, which I find really interesting for cross-pollination (e.g. currently I’m learning guitar and about puppy training)

Here’s where you can connect with Ethan:

RealLife English on YouTube

Learn English with TV Series on YouTube



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  1. Sorry we cannot use your videos in utube because utube doesn’t work for us it’s in filtering process in our country can you help me and what you suggest to me to do?thanks a lot for your good education

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