Building English Habits that Last

Optimize, energize & organize your English experience in a one-of-its-kind practice community for bilinguals who want to create strong speaking and learning habits to skyrocket their English performance

“Beyond helped me solve the beautiful puzzle of English
and discover amazing people from all over the world!”
Lana Vlasova

What if you could transform your English without learning anything new?

Find a new way to make English second nature to you

We know HOW MUCH you know.

You’ve been learning English for a while.

You know about many grammar rules, sounds, and words.


when you finally have the courage to open up your mouth and speak, it seems like you’re only using a tiny part of the things you know.

Because knowing the language is one thing, but using it spontaneously and effortlessly is another.

(Most training programs just offer more content as if knowing 50 new phrasal verbs is going to stop you from getting stuck or feeling uncertain)


But what if instead of learning more,
you start using the words, sounds, and grammar that you already know in a methodical, consistent way?

You see, speaking a language is a collection of habits.

Pronunciation habits. Grammar habits. Vocabulary habits.

Even thinking habits: how you think about yourself, whether or not you choose to speak in a conversation. How you practice. How you learn. How you connect with others.

And to really reach a breakthrough in your English, you want to create new habits in a way that is joyful and motivational and that doesn’t make you want to quit before you even begin.

This is where Beyond comes in!

Lucrécia Raquel Fuhrmann
Beyond takes us beyond our expectations. When I decided to join this group, I knew I'd have many opportunities to learn; what I couldn't imagine is how fast it would be.

Beyond is the environment you need to create healthy and consistent speaking habits.

Using my Pronunciation Confidence Method™, you’ll practice and use English in a new way so that you get noticeable results, fast.

But most importantly Beyond is a community and a team of excellent coaches who are there to support you and celebrate your progress every step of the way.

Alessandro Domenico Angelillo Tarussio
“It's an efficient, productive and joyful way to put everything into practice. Thanks to this process I can fulfill my goal of becoming more clear, fluent and confident in any kind of personal and professional situation.
Teodora Juduc
“Beyond is more than a weekly planner to boost your confidence and English - it's a source of motivation to finally learn English in a joyful way.”
Amy Legaspy
"Beyond makes me feel that I’m in the right place. Making little efforts everyday, not overwhelming myself, so I can make a breakthrough."

“Every action you take is a vote for the type of person you wish to become.”

James Clear

Go Beyond

If you were the confident version of yourself in English... What would your life look like?

Beyond's unique community, practice method, coaching and support allows you to finally take a leap in your English and create the change you want to see in your life.

Once you join Beyond
this is what you'll get access to:

Daily Sprints

Sprints are an excellent way to boost your pronunciation, vocabulary, and grammar. They are 10-min daily drills designed to turn your passive knowledge into active speaking.

Workshops with Hadar

Every month we’ll meet on Zoom and I’ll share with you new ideas that I don’t share on YouTube, we’ll dive into deep conversations or I will coach you. These sessions are my favorite in Beyond as we get to connect on a deeper level. All workshops are recorded!  

Coaching and Guidance

In our members-only Facebook group you get to ask all your English questions, and get answers and feedback from our Beyond coaches, myself, and from our brilliant community members. No more wasting precious time searching for the right answer in English forums from 2009! 

Practice Groups

60-90 min of high volume speech workouts with a Beyond coach twice a week, to practice pronunciation, grammar, and vocabulary.

Conversation Groups

Lead and participate in exciting daily discussions led by fellow Beyonders.

Live Q&A

Ask me anything about pronunciation, learning strategies, confidence, and more, and I’ll answer it in our monthly live Q&A.


Want to get out of your comfort zone? Do meaningful things? I GOT YOU. When you join Beyond, we invite you to take part in monthly challenges like #moveyourbody #speakingchallenge, #journaleveryday and more. You’ll see it’s so much easier to do things when your friends hold you accountable. 

Who will you find in Beyond?

Teachers, public speakers, designers, engineers, scientists, writers, entrepreneurs, artists, managers, chefs, and pretty much the most diverse yet like-minded community of inspiring multilinguals.

Vladimir Kazankin
Workshops in Beyond have opened my eyes; not only English, but also to art, culture, and mindset. They’ve made my passion and eagerness to learn English even bigger. Sprints are a part of my daily routine now and every time I feel so uplifted and inspired. I’ve become an avid learner!”

I've helped thousands of students go from feeling 'meh' to 'oh, yeah!' when speaking. Now it's your turn.

All the unique content and support that you get in Beyond every month can add up to hundreds of dollars. 

But since I know how hard it is to find a space where you can truly thrive, I wanted to make Beyond an easy YES, so you become the expressive, impactful speaker that you are.

So.. how much is my investment?...

At a price of a SINGLE LESSON on italki
you get EVERYTHING Beyond has to offer.

So if you're ready to turn your English into a lifestyle and a habit, simply choose your investment below and click the button to join us...

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Cancel Anytime

In Beyond there’s no risk.
You join today, and you can cancel ANYTIME.
We are here for as long as you need us.

Got questions? We got answers.

Not sure I need another program. I'm already overwhelmed with all the things that I need to work on.

This is precisely why we created Beyond. We’re not going to overwhelm you with new content and homework, but  give you structure, motivation and clarity so you can focus only on the things that you really need to improve. If you are ready to commit to 10 minutes I promise you will feel the change. 

What if this is not the right time?

Beyond is not something you make time for, but rather, it’s designed to fit your life. You can spend as little as 10 minutes a day and still see significant results. And when you find a joyful way to create healthy habits communicating in English, it’s no longer something that you ‘do’, but it’s the person you choose to become by taking daily action. It’s never a good time to start something new, so the question you need to ask yourself is – where will you be 3 months from today if you joined, and where will you be if you didn’t join? (plus, you can always try it out for one month and see how it goes)

I’m too busy. I don’t have time.

Beyond is designed to fit YOUR schedule. Whether you have 10 minutes a day or 2 hours – Beyond will be there for you. Sprints, conversation groups, practice groups – decide how much time you can invest in a given week, what your focus is, and schedule your practice accordingly.

What if I join and I discover this is not for me?

Whether you choose the monthly membership or annual plan, you can cancel your membership at ANY TIME. Let us know 5 days in advance and you won’t be charged in your next billing cycle. If you join the annual membership you will get a refund for all your unused months. 

How much time per week should I invest in Beyond?

Ideally, we recommend 2 hours per week, but you can do as little as 15 minutes a day.

I am mostly free on the weekends. Can I join?

Of course! Many of our students are weekend owls;) There’s no real deadline for anything. This program is circular, not chronological and you can get something no matter what day you join. All live events are recorded. 

How can I end my membership?

Easy. Send us an email to at least 5 days before your next billing cycle and we will cancel your membership.

What's the difference between Beyond and Accent Makeover?

While Accent Makeover is a course where you learn new content, Beyond is an implementation program – most of it is about effective practice. Beyond deals not only with pronunciation, but all elements of English fluency: grammar, active vocabulary, listening, confidence, and speaking time. It provides you with a safe community to practice with – one that will hold you accountable and get you to do the work. The main focus in Beyond is implementing what you already know.

Po-Han Tseng
“Beyond helps me to speak English in my everyday life. I use Beyond to push myself beyond my limits in English. The daily conversation groups are awesome. Everyone is from different countries with different backgrounds, but we are as deeply connected as a family. It’s worth a try if your goal is to go beyond yourself. You would grow a lot when we play and have fun in daily and weekly activities.”
Olga Kiryushina
Beyond works like magic for my fluency and confidence! I make creative videos USING new vocabulary and grammar structures, and getting feedback from experienced teachers is like a cherry on top of a delicious language cake.

Go Beyond

And get into the habit of speaking with confidence

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