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New Sound is going to change EVERYTHING about your English

This is what our students say:

Paméla Nguyen

The content is awesome, way better than any other English tutorial or method you will find on the internet!

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Ekaterina Ratsina

A big part of the course is about important things like habits, mindset, limiting beliefs, and confidence to express yourself fully and feel free to be the kind of speaker you want to be.

Mireia Pamies

This program makes you love the language even more than you already do. The way Hadar teaches us English is so different from how I practiced before.

My Petersson

Before I joined New Sound I hated to write in English, but now it feels like the words are pouring out from nowhere!

Tatjana Micevic

Now I can stand up and speak in front of people and they understand me and pay attention. That makes me feel happy, proud, and confident. I got a new life from this program.

Alma Vivero

One of the things that really impressed me was how well-organized the course is. I just needed to follow the schedule. And there are different exercises for different learning styles so you can pick what works for you.

Fatima El Aogdi

Now I have much clearer pronunciation, I am more confident speaking English, and I know how to practice to get even better.This is a life-changing English course.

Markku Ulmanen

New Sound will blow your mind and give you all the necessary tools to master the English language. After going through this course, you will be a committed and confident language user.


I can’t even explain how much I have improved thanks to this program! Now that my pronunciation is better and my confidence is much better, I am a different person!

Moe Zaitoun

This program taught me to believe in myself and to trust my abilities in order to achieve the best results. It provided a road map to master fluency.


The support I got from other New Sounders is priceless. It’s such an amazing experience that I’ll never forget.

Marco Aurelio C Casarin

New Sound was just what I needed to help me progress in my fluency

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Dr. Shampa Das

I am more confident, and I have no more limiting beliefs as a non-native speaker. I feel as fearless as a native speaker. I am ready to face any challenge that comes my way.

Alexander Danishevsky

I am completely confident that New Sound is the best system to learn pronunciation. I recommend this course because Hadar, her team, and the community are absolutely priceless.

Angelina Dehner

Before joining, I felt like a fraud in English. New Sound has completely transformed the way I feel.

Marina Lopez

This course has completely transformed my life. I am now confident, courageous, and I believe in myself – that I can achieve any of my goals and dreams, and succeed at anything I put my mind to.

Maryna Lyon

This program has helped me to expand my vocabulary and awareness about pronunciation, but more than that, I feel confident and in control while speaking English.

Blanca Cecilia Agudelo

All of the modules are valuable, the coaches are great at explaining things to you, and the course provides invaluable tools to help you improve.

Micol Mazzeo

The community of New Sound is incredibly unique and unlike any other you will ever experience in your life.

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New Sound


New Sound is the only program that teaches you EVERYTHING you need to reach limitless fluency!

Select module number below and see the different lessons inside: 




Module one

Building Strong Foundations

In this module we’ll lay the foundations that will allow you to reach real transformation throughout this program. You’ll learn about the ingredients of success, how to stay motivated, how to form powerful habits, what is high performance English practice and you’ll be introduced to the world of pronunciation and how it’ll help you master fluency.

What students say about this module​:
"Module One, was the most important part of the course. We think that we only need to “study hard”, but this module goes deeper in understanding elements like goals, motivation, habits and mindset. This module will help you to make a breakthrough in your English, and other areas of your life! "
Marta Abarca


Vowels [A]

Module two

Mastering Key Vowels [A]

In this module, you’ll learn what vowels and syllables are, and how to practice and master them. You’ll also learn about the primary stress in English and which suffixes affect it. The vowels you’ll focus on in this module are: the schwa, the a as in ‘cat’, the a as in ‘father’, and the ‘cup’ sound.

What students say about this module​:
I can finally hear and pronounce the difference between battle and bottle! Module Two had a huge impact on my speech, because I learned how to move my jaw in ways that helped me sound clearer. I was finally able to pronounce the difference between words that I always had a problem with. Another huge benefit is that learning these sounds will help you to understand native speakers even better!
Marina Dorantes Ramirez


Consonants [A]

Module three

Mastering Key Consonants [A]

In this module you’ll learn what consonants are, how to identify the consonant sounds that are important for your clarity, and you’ll learn to master the TH and R sounds in English.

What students say about this module​:
Module Three is like the motor that drives our speech. I learned about sounds I had never used before in English. It truly made everything so much clearer and played a MAJOR role in helping me to understand sounds!


Vowels [B]

Module four

Mastering Key Vowels [B]

In this module you’ll learn how to practice and master the ‘sheep-ship’ and ‘pool-pull’ vowel pairs, as well as key diphthongs in English.

What students say about this module​:
Module Four was invaluable. It helped me to understand why I had awkward situations in the past, like when I told someone I wanted to “pick up my food”, but they heard me say “pick up my foot”! With imitation and repetition exercises in the module, I learned how to make sounds that help me to speak even clearer.
Paola Garcia Vega


Consonants [B]

Module five

Mastering Key Consonants [B]

In this module you’ll learn how to practice and master the L and flap T sounds, as well as clusters and challenging sequences. You will also learn the common patterns of silent letters and practice them.

What students say about this module​:
After Module Five you will never hear phrases like “it is what it is” in the same way! I was shocked to discover so many amazing sounds like Flap T and the different Ls that I had never noticed before! The practice in this module helped me to understand how valuable studying these sounds can be for your speech.
Senada Bejtovic



Module six

The Fluent Mindset

In this module you’ll learn a holistic approach to language learning that respects your roots, your needs, and the way you perceive yourself as a speaker of English, so you can own your confidence.

What students say about this module​:
If you don’t have confidence, it doesn’t matter how good your English is. Module Six helped me to realize the importance of confidence and pushing myself out of my comfort zone, to be able to achieve my goals and dreams that English can provide us with. This module is the foundation of understanding how to strengthen the muscle of your mind to achieve your goals.


Prosody [A]

Module seven

The Power of Prosody

Module Description: In this module you’ll learn about the music of the English language, and how to master stress, intonation, and rhythm to deliver a clear message.

What students say about this module​:
Learning about prosody in Module Seven allowed me to understand the power that it has on our voice! Using prosody can help us to draw our listener’s attention, sound more natural, and deliver a message clearly!
Jessica Anderson


Prosody [B]

Module eight

Using the Power of Prosody

In this module you’ll learn how to use your tone of voice and convey your emotion, as well as how to use pauses and breathing when you speak. You will also learn how to analyze speech and become more aware of the way prosody delivers meaning so you can understand and be understood better.

What students say about this module​:
Using the tools in Module Eight, I gained clarity on how to express different emotions through my voice and breath. I learned the importance of how tone of voice and prosody impacts our message, and now I can express myself much better, and understand situations with more clarity.
Susy Flores



Module nine

Discovering Your Powerful Voice

In this module you’ll learn how to learn how to use your voice in the most optimal way to show the full range of who you are.

What students say about this module​:
Module Nine helped me to find and love my voice in English. Many of us do not like our voice in English because it is so different. However, going through this module gave me permission to express my voice in English and see my voice as a GIFT. It made me feel alive, it was so freeing.
Mercia Granja


Limitless Fluency

Module ten

Reaching Limitless Fluency

In this module you’ll learn to identify your fluency needs and understand what you can do to take your fluency in English even further

What students say about this module​:
Module Ten has helped me understand exactly what I need to focus on, and I no longer feel confused! I finished this final module feeling so happy and supported, because I know exactly what I need to do to improve! Above all, I have learned how to be a better communicator.
Szilvia Ragalyi

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