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6 New Sound Students Share Their Before & After Stories

What does it look like to transform from feeling insecure to feeling expressive and confident in English?

In today’s episode, I’m interviewing 6 of my New Sound students as they share their experience inside New Sound, and what has become possible for them during and after New Sound.

They’ll share what are the things that they needed to learn, and the things they needed to let go of to speak English powerfully, clearly and fluently.

They will also share the values of what New Sound is all about: speaking up, being heard, and using your English voice to change your life.

And mostly, when we build pronunciation confidence, we feel more free and fluent, and much more like ourselves when speaking.

Get to know each of my New Sound students in today’s episode:

Andrea Leaes, originally from Brazil, currently lives in the US. When she moved, she avoided all conversations and preferred to answer everything via email. As a stay-at-home-mom coordinating and taking care of two of her children with special needs, Andrea is now fearlessly owning her English as she coordinates all of the activities and appointments in English!

Jeimy Boot is a Client Service Associate from Colombia and now living in the US. When she first started her internship at her company, she didn’t feel confident. But now, Jeimy is leading and training other hires for her company, and speaking in public regularly!

Fabio Crociati lives in Brazil and works as an art director. He joined New Sound and completely transformed his confidence and mindset in his English. He even has his own YouTube channel to combine his two passions – English and gaming.
Check out Fabio’s channel here.

Tiep Do is a Senior Business Analyst from Vietnam currently living in the US. She used to view English as an obstacle preventing her from climbing the corporate ladder. But now, she shares her story of how she improved her confidence and communication skills, and got the courage to ask for a promotion!

Bouchra Girad, a chemist living in France joined New Sound in search of improving her speaking skills. She shares her story of how she was able to improve her speaking, gain awareness about her mistakes, and is able to correct herself on the spot! Recently, she went on a trip to New York and was understood by everyone around her.

Rafal Lutomski is a sales manager living in Poland. Today, he shares his story of how he was using English at work, but was not always confident, and chose to let his colleagues speak in meetings instead. But now, Rafal has gained courage and transformed his English and his life, and he is now speaking and leading meetings in English.

Want to be a part of New Sound? Join the waitlist to be the first to know when we open doors: https://hadarshemesh.com/join/

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
303. 6 New Sound Students Share Their Before & After Stories

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