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Want more confidence in English? Do this.

Being a confident English speaker is definitely one of our goals when it comes to communicating in English. Now, confidence is not necessarily something you’re born with, but something you can work on and improve every day. Confidence is a skill you can improve. And when you build that confidence, you will see and feel the results. You will find that you put all the second-guessing aside and put your energy into doing new things.

Here are a couple of exercises you can do right now to build your confidence:

  • Do Something Scary
    Go live on social media, go to job interviews in English for the sake of practice, no matter what it is, if it scares you but you wonder what it’s like, go and do it.
  • Pattern Interrupt
    Learn to manage your negative thoughts. When you find yourself in a negative thinking pattern, do something to break that pattern: get on the phone with a friend, dance, take a walk outside, and shift into Positive Mode 🙂

Want to learn more exercises? Watch the video below.


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