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Do you hate your voice in English?

Our voice says a lot about us and is one of the windows to our identity and inner state at a given moment.

And for many of us, hearing ourselves may feel uncomfortable, whether it is in our native language or in other languages we speak.

The most common example is probably when we hear ourselves on a recording. It happens because we actually hear a voice that sounds different from how it usually sounds to us. This is because when we hear a recording, the sound doesn’t reach our ears the way it does when we speak.

When we speak, the sound travels through the bones of our skull. But when we hear a recording, the sound of our voices reaches our ears as any other sound around us, as if it’s from another person, not us.

Why do I sound like that?

This feeling might also happen to us as speakers and learners of English as a second language. We might hear our voice in English and feel it’s simply not us.

You might even ask yourself, “Who is that?” and “Why do I sound like that?”. It can make you feel not authentic, and in turn – feel unworthy, assume others don’t like your voice either, and speak less in interactions that require English.

But to learn English fluently, you have to become comfortable with your voice, and it’s definitely possible, and it’s easier than it might seem right now.

In this episode, I explain how the voice works, and how you can use your voice in the most optimal way and feel super great about it.

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How do YOU feel about your voice in English? Let me know in the comments below.

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And if you’re interested in learning more about your voice and how to use it effectively, make sure you get on the waitlist to my new program, New Sound. We’re opening doors in October so the time is now. Click here for more details.

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  1. Dear Hadar I just enrolled in sprint I would like to if the lessons will be there to review previous lessons.

  2. All tips are great and very useful for how to speak better and improve the way we can learn more effectively and consistently.

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