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Sharing the mic

English is the sum of ALL its speakers, not SOME of its speakers.

Yet, learners of English, are usually not exposed enough to different voices of English teachers.

And so we’re left with a limited set of models to choose from, that doesn’t reflect English as it is in real life, and as a result it’s challenging to really enjoy the diversity of English and find our own voice in it.

In order to do this, we have to bring more voices to the front, celebrate the diversity of English and get rid of our biases and prejudices about who is a good teacher.

This week, I’m honored to host different teachers to teach on my platform. I hope you enjoy it and if you like it, share the message, and don’t forget to subscribe to their channels.

Teacher Halima from Blackboard English will share with you her top 5 tips to help you with your English journey. Halima’s channel is all about having the right mindset as a speaker of English as a second language and about owning the language.

Teacher Rodrigo from EBF (English Black Friday) Academy will discuss the role of words from Latin origin in modern day formal English.

In his video you will:
– Learn how languages evolved from Latin
– Understand the role that Latin words play in formal English
– Learn formal vocabulary and hear the equivalent informal phrasal verbs.

Rodrigo Honorato from Brazil has been teaching EFL for over 16 years. He has trained teachers through Oxford University Press and has been a school owner for seven years now. He is passionate about helping learners master English so they’ll never face a communication barrier when connecting with people from around the world.

Teacher Firuzeh from LA English College shares the 6 elements of English pronunciation that will help you understand spoken English as well as speak with clarity and confidence, especially if you’re just starting out.

Among the things you’ll learn in this video are the difference between spelling and pronunciation, why it is so important to stress the right syllable and words in a sentence, and how intonation patterns convey our level of certainty in what we say.

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