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The Single Most Effective Way To Improve Your English

What is the BEST way for you to learn English? Can someone who is not YOU know such a thing?

Is it really about that one method to become fluent or is it about understanding what YOU need?

In this episode, I’m going to talk about how to find out the most effective way for you to learn English, how to understand what type of learner you are (so that your learning process will be more effective), and at the same time, I’m going share with you the secret method that has helped ME master English and become a confident speaker.


Today I’m going to reveal what is the single most effective way for you to improve your English. Hold it, hold it, hold it just a sec. If you’re new to my channel, then welcome. My name is Hadar. I’m a fellow non-native speaker of English, and I am here to help you speak English with clarity, confidence, and to feel freaking proud about who you are and how you sound in English.

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As an English learner, you must have asked yourself in the past, what is the best way for me to improve my English? “Should I start with grammar first? Should I focus on pronunciation? It’s all about vocabulary. Phrasal verbs. If you master phrasal verbs, you got it covered. I just need to go out and speak for 6 hours every single day with native speakers.

No, I should speak with non-native speakers only. I should take a private teacher. It’s all about joining online courses. It’s all about being a self- learner and doing it on your own. It’s all about doing it with other people. I need to move to New York. I need to move to Paris. I mean, London.”

As you can see, there are many ways for you out there to improve your English. And here’s what I believe to be the most effective way for you to improve your English. It’s called “You do you, boo!” Translation, please?..

You are the only person who knows what is the best way for you to improve your English. No one out there, no YouTube teacher or no online teacher or private teacher can tell you what is the single most effective way or the best way for you to improve your English.

You need to understand what works for you. It’s like saying that kickboxing is the best way for you to get fit. Or that low-carb diet is the best way for you to lose weight. What works for some people doesn’t work for others. When it comes to mastering another language, you need to understand that there is so much out there that you need to consider.

Does it interest you or do you want to fall asleep every time you start doing the work? #Englishdoesnthavetobeboring. Does it inspire you to take action? Does it keep you motivated? Does it get your results? Is it practical? I mean, ideas are great, but does it get you to take immediate action and see tangible results?

It’s true that mastering English takes time. And reaching a significant transformation takes time, it’s not something that happens overnight. But you know what happens overnight? Small changes. Progress, clarity, awareness. All of these things are things that you need to see, and if you don’t see them on your journey, as you’re learning, then you need to ask yourself, is this the best way for me to master fluency?

It’s like wanting to get from Paris to Amsterdam. Like there are many ways for you to do that: you can take a plane, you can drive, you can take a train, you can even cycle or walk. I actually know of a woman who cycled from Paris to Tel Aviv. Took her three months to do that.

So, the question is, there are several ways of getting from one place to another. Is the way that you have chosen for yourself the best way for you to get there as fast as possible? So you need to ask yourself those questions.

You also need to ask yourself what type of learner you are. Because for some people, they need visuals, they need videos, they need scripts, and that works for them. But others are auditory learners, which means that they need to hear it again and again and again, and the visuals don’t matter so much.

I’m an auditory learner. So for me, audiobooks and podcasts are the best way for me to learn and to get what it is that I’m doing. Some people are kinesthetic learners and they need that one-on-one interaction. So they need to have the back-and-forth, they need to have the feedback.

And others, they need to take notes, and look at them, and then take notes again and look at them again. And they only understand through taking notes, which is me as well, by the way. So for me, to really understand an idea, I need to take notes.

So the path that you’re choosing for yourself needs to be aligned with a type of learner that you are. So understanding what type of learner you are, wanting to see results, taking constant action and being inspired to take such action, and understanding what works best for you is the best way for you to master English.

So now you’re probably saying to yourself, “Okay. How do I do that?” I can only share with you what has helped me, and that is mastering English through building pronunciation confidence. So it wasn’t only for improving my pronunciation and accent, I also used it to improve my listening skills cause I understood English better through repetition of sounds and melodies and intonation patterns.

I also learned how to build my vocabulary through repetition, again and again and again, because that has helped me master new words and using it with confidence. Of course, it helped my confidence too. Because when I was practicing, I got used to hearing myself saying things alone, and then it was easier for me to say it in public.

And of course, it has helped me with grammar too. Because when I was drilling words and sounds, and memorizing texts, when I did that, I have acquired patterns of speech and grammatical structures. So, without learning those grammatical structures, I embraced them and I owned them because I made those words become my own words.

And all of a sudden, things made sense to me and I was able to use it in free conversation without thinking about the tenses and the rules and all of that. And it was all done through building pronunciation confidence.

Now, if you want to learn how to master English through building pronunciation confidence, and if you want to understand what type of learner you are and to understand what makes you tick and what keeps you moving forward, then I’m inviting you to my annual live English event – an event that is totally free, designed to celebrate your English.

The live English event is a week filled with activities, exercises, and live training to give you the tools to design your individual learning path. I will introduce you to my method of mastering English, and I will give you plenty of opportunities to leave your comfort zone, to let go of limiting beliefs and to finally reach a breakthrough in your English. And that is totally free.

During this week, we will have four different live training sessions with me. We will also have a secret group where we’ll have activities, where you’ll get the support of my mentors and coaches so you will know that you are on the right path. We will have conversation groups on Zoom and additional ridiculous exercises to help you really do stuff that will get you out of your comfort zone.

Now, if you have been to any one of my challenges, you know that it’s not, not only a lot of fun, but it’s also transformational. So I’m inviting you to experience that in a full week of training with me and with my team to see the results that you can get in such a short time.

Now, I’m going to post the link to it in the description, click the link and sign up to get all the notifications. And once you do, let me know in the comments below that you’ve joined by writing “Let’s DO this thing!”

I can not wait to support you and help you see that there is another way, and that you don’t have to do it on your own. So, let’s do this thing.


The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
56. The Single Most Effective Way To Improve Your English

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