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How to pronounce CHAOS

Today, you’ll find a 90-second lesson on how to pronounce the word ‘chaos’.
Along the way, you’ll learn about the K sound, and about the secret sound that makes the pronunciation of this word a whole lot easier.


“Chaos.” Hey guys, it’s Hadar and this is The Accent’s Way.
Today we’re gonna talk about how to pronounce the word ‘chaos’ – “chaos.”
There is so much chaos in this world.

Okay, we begin with a ‘k’ sound. The ‘k’ sound at the beginning of words is aspirated. So it feels like there was a little H right after – “k”, “kei”- and then it’s the ‘A’ asin ‘day’.

“Kay.” And that’s the primary stress so it’s going to be higher in pitch and longer – “kei”. The second syllable is ‘aas’, ‘aas’. ‘Ah’ as in ‘father’ and then you end it up with ‘sss’.

But, when you connect those two vowels you hear an intrusive sound – a small little ‘ye’ sound right there in the middle. So actually we want to say “kei-yaas”. “Chaos”. “Chaos”. Look at all this chaos.

What a chaotic afternoon I had.
Chaotic – “kei-yaa-d’k” with a flap ‘T’. The place was so chaotic I left immediately.
Chaos. Chaotic. Practice it.

That’s it! That was short and hope fully not too chaotic.
Leave me a comment below and share one sentence with the word’ chaos’ or ‘chaotic’ and let’s practice it together.
Have a wonderful week and I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.

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8 Responses

  1. Excuse me another comment. Frankly, I expected a reply arguing with me and teaching me that mass can’t be disappear. That is true. However, a significant amount of the mass of elementary particles get transformed to energy while the particle decomposes into quarks. That is, mass and energy are equivalent. That is absurd but only becomes chaotic when mass is transferred to energy in the classical atomic bomb. So, absurdity may loom up the chaos ahead of us. Laszlo Latzkovits Thank you.

  2. At the beginning there was chaos. But nowadys some situations may become chaotic, like traffic in most cities during rush hour. ?

  3. Hi Hadar, Hi Everyone !
    I’m afraid I have to apologize. I missed our task. But how would I dare to make an attempt to pronounce well the word CHAOS with my inflamed larynx ? Perhaps, instead I can make a try to conjure up the feeling that overwhelms me when I hear that word. (Any way pronunciation may depend on emotional factors, as well) This feeling is a kind of unconscious but deep anxiety. The anxiety from the existence of a looming terror. From a close looming, brutal, anti-intellectual, anti-human movement. Laszlo Latzkovits
    Thank you

  4. Chaos is the ruler of the world. Listen to that: you may exactly measure the mass of an elementary particle, e.g. proton or neutron. You can exactly prove that every one of them are separately composed of three quarks.

    You can measure exactly the mass of quarks. Now. if you add up all the three quark’s masses you will get only 1 per cent of proton’s mass. Where is the other 99 per cent ?

    The same is with the neutron. So, where is the material ? This is absurd because we just measured before exactly in either in proton or neutron.

    That is, the presence of material depends on the method (otherwise absolutely accurate method) we apply. The proton’s and neutron’s masses are there But if we add up the total mass of their constituents the material seems to disappear.

    So the world is absurd. For me what is absurd, it is chaotic. Although, it is “an evidence based chaos”, that is everything are accurate, all the experiments are reproducible. Laszlo

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