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The Importance of Perseverance & Community – Interview with Alma Vivero


How would you feel if you got an opportunity to move to a different country? Would you take that opportunity? Alma Vivero, a student of mine, did. A chance to move to the US came her way and she went for it. But when she and her family landed in the states, she realized that the English spoken in the US was different from the English she had learned before.
But Alma didn’t let that stop her. And this is how our paths crossed.

In this episode we talk about her immigration experience and the speaking habits that have made her English more aligned with the English around her and her confidence stronger than ever. Since then, she has also become an ambassador in my signature program NEW SOUND. There she helps other new speakers of English on their journeys.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
243. The Importance of Perseverance & Community - Interview with Alma Vivero

Have you had a similar experience to Alma’s? Let me know in the comments below.

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Navigating English in a new environment
Finding Hadar online
Building the habit of practicing English
Seeing the change
The importance of a supportive community
Helping others as a New Sound ambassador
Funny incidents in a new culture
New Sound: English as a tool to change lives and gain more freedom

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4 Responses

  1. This is a great interview and powerful and authentic testimonial that New Sound program is am amazing program. I have been in the New Sound program for only two months, I’ve already fallen in love with this program and the community! Alma’s inspiring English journey resonates so much with me in so many ways. I am passionate about helping others and making an impact on people’s lives through my sharing and work.

    I love Hadar’s proactive, passionate, authentic, generous, thoughtful, and caring personality. Everyone who is in her community is fully supported and seen despite the large community. Every part of the program is well-thought-out and student-centered. Hadar’s idea of training everyone to be their own trainer and to be an independent and confident speaker was very attractive to me. That’s true training and empowerment. I am sure my journey with Harder’s community has just begun.

  2. Alma’s story was so inspiring, i can rely to her as an immigrant in US for so long and still having a hard time communicating. Hoping one day i can achieve that same goal that she did. I feel excited on my new journey. Thanks Hadar for continuing inspired and motivating a lot people, like me. I’ve watched a lot of different video on how to improve my speaking in english and nothing change and im still stuck. But when your video pop-up on my FB i got excited and i feel right away that you really feel us ( those who experiencing a hard time communicating in foreign country) Again, todarava labriot❤️ Israel have always a soft spot in my heart, i worked there for years as metapelet.

  3. I’m actually not a long video watcher..usually when videos are more than 5 minutes I slip to another matter to do…but when I turn on Hadar’s 40-50minutes interviews IDK somehow they being converted to fraction of the time and I didn’t even notice how almost 1hour passed))) BEAUTIFUL, INSPIRING and BEAUTIFUL !

  4. I really enjoyed watching you both!! I don’t need to be perfect in English to start speaking!! Thank you!!??

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