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Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special

Women have been silenced for decades and generations. It’s practically in our DNA.

We don’t live in an equal society and women’s voices are still not being heard enough.

As a RESULT, women tend to be perfectionist, overly-judgmental, and are required to work harder to prove themselves and to succeed.

And when it comes to English, the fear of speaking up becomes paralyzing when you’re a non-native speaker.

In this video, you’ll find a message from your sisters around the world that will remind you that your voice matters.


Women have been silenced for decades and generations. It’s in our DNA. We don’t live in an equal society, and women’s voices are not being heard enough. As a result, women tend to be perfectionists, overly judgmental, and need to work a lot harder to prove themselves and to succeed.

And when it comes to English, the fear of speaking up becomes paralyzing when you’re a non-native speaker.

This message is for you from your sisters around the world.

– A happy day to all the women all around the world.

– Hello, beautiful women out there.

– Hey, beautiful ladies.

– Hello, hello to our great women. Happy women’s day.

– One of my dream for us is the day that each woman has the freedom to choose their life.

– What would you say to a woman who doesn’t ask for a promotion, apply for a better job, afraid to speak in meetings, doesn’t travel, doesn’t speak because she fails?

– “My English, it’s not good enough. I’m not fluent. It’s not my mother tongue, so how could I ever speak it properly? I should just not speak because if I make mistake, I will end up being a joke.”

How many times have you said that to yourself? Stop. Stop focusing so much on your faults and start celebrating that you communicated successfully. It’s not a measure of your intelligence. It’s just a language.

– All women, and all around the world are beautiful.

– Today, I want you to think real hard about the one glass ceiling that you like to shatter, that you like to break. And be about small things, you know, just baby steps, but also something huge like becoming, you know, the first female president in your own country.

– I know you’re afraid of speaking up and being judged. Don’t let your negative thoughts drive your actions.

– If you ever felt helpless, speechless, underestimated… All these things, they don’t define who you truly are.

– Belief in yourself and go for it. You can do it.

– Please, believe in yourself. Believe that you deserve the good things, and you have the right to speak up, to bring your ideas to the world.

– You may think that you don’t have any talent or you’re not worthy, or you don’t speak that much. You are wonderful because you are you.

– Do what you want, not what others want you to do. Don’t let anyone set boundaries for you based on your gender. You can do anything. Be proud of yourself.

– About a year into working on my English, I felt a bit stuck. I didn’t really feel any improvement. I was frustrated. But then one day, I found some old recordings of me, and not only that my pronunciation has improved, but also my intonation got so much better. And the most important thing – my confidence. Don’t give up, keep putting in the work and the results will come.

– Please, don’t be afraid to speak English. If you feel your English isn’t good enough to communicate, to participate in a meeting, be proud of how hard you are trying.

– At the beginning, I listened to my voice and I hated my voice. I hated it. But with Hadar’s support and discipline, I love my voice now. Yes, I do. I want you to empower your voice because you can do it, too.

– Support other women when you see them doing something great. We need each other.

– And we need to help each other, and we need to be proud, and be an example for our children.

– This message is for all the women who are afraid of losing their English. They think they are not up to scratch, and therefore, they are losing opportunities. I was ashamed myself of speaking, but here I am. I could travel, everybody understood me. The same will happen to you. So don’t be afraid to speak up. Just do it. Good luck.

– When I think about the strong woman, I immediately think about my friend Leila, who at the age of 14 was married off in Iran and came here to the United States. When I met Leila, her English was poor, she couldn’t communicate really well. But what I admire about her is that not even for a second, did she think that’s an obstacle. She wasn’t afraid to follow her dreams, and she didn’t think that a lack of some knowledge was gonna stop her.

– You can become an athlete, a housewife, an actress, a scientist, a mother, a surgeon, a pilot.

– So, just think about it and do it. Yes, you can. Yay!

– You’ll find the power that is only you.

– You can do it.

– Just fight as hard as you can.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
23. Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special

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5 Responses

  1. Yes, i agree with you that there’s a gap between women and men in many different fields like different salaries but equal work, i can’t imagine people doing the same work in the same place and take different salaries. also. Women can’t take the same chances like men to travel alone.

  2. Hi Hadar ! May I congratulate for your video ! Of course, the gender inequality isn’t determined by genes. The society is responsible for its existence. Therefore, it’s important to shout out inequalities in a worldwide spoken language, in English. Even if someone’s English isn’t perfect.

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