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How to pronounce ‘Luxury’

It’s only appropriate to open my ‘luxury’ tutorial with a saying:
“All that glitters is not gold”.
Well, same thing goes for spelling vs. pronunciation.
The fact that a certain letter is there, doesn’t mean we actually say it 😉

How to pronounce ‘luxury’:(and the important difference between /sh/ and /j/)


Hey, it’s Hadar. And this is the Accent’s Way, your way to finding clarity, confidence, and freedom in English. Slawomir asked me to explain how to pronounce the word ‘luxury’, ‘luxury’.

Now here’s a perfect example where spelling and pronunciation do not correspond. Because you’re used to probably associating the letter X with ‘ks’ as in the word “extra”. Right? You hear a ‘k’ and a ‘s’ sound. And here the X in the word ‘luxury’ stands for ‘gj’, all right? What’s the connection? I have no idea, but that’s just how it is.

So let’s break down the different sounds in this word. So we begin with an L sound. The tongue goes up to pronounce the L, right? It’s a bit of a longer sound – /L/. And then it’s the ‘uh’ as in ‘cup’ – ‘luh’, just like the word ‘love’, right? The beginning is the same – ‘luh’. But then you shift to a ‘g’ in the back – ‘luhg’, and bring the tongue back up to ‘j’ as in ‘vision’, ‘j’.

The ‘j’ sound, by the way, is the voiced pair of ‘sh’. Listen – ‘sh’ – ‘j’. Do you hear the difference? So if you find yourself saying ‘luKSury’, ‘luKSury’ – I know that Spanish speakers may do that, and some Hindi speakers may do that – just devoice the ‘j’ sound. And then it sounds like ‘sh’ in the word ‘shame’, all right? It’s not the same sound. So you want to activate your vocal cords: ‘j’ – ‘luhg-juh-ree’.

Now, how do you activate your vocal chords? Put your hands here for a sec. And do an ‘f’ sound, and now a ‘v’. Do it again. All right, so you probably felt the vibrations here in your throat. That’s vocal chords vibrating. So, for the ‘f’ sound, you just release air. And for the ‘v’ sound, you release air with sound. And you haven’t changed anything here.

Same thing with a ‘sh’ and ‘j’. For the ‘sh’ sound the tongue is up and the air comes out, and it’s just air. And if you put your hands here and activate your vocal chords, like you do for the ‘v’: ‘sh’ – ‘j’, you feel the vibrations, and then what comes out is this ‘j’ sound, as in the word ‘luxury’ or ‘vision’. All right, so let’s try it again.

‘luhg-juh’ – after the ‘j’ sound there’s a schwa – ‘juh’, and you bring the tongue up for the R. Round your lips – ‘ur’, and then it’s the ‘ee’ as in ‘see’ – ‘ree’. ‘luhg-juh-ree’. All right. So it shouldn’t sound like ‘luhk-shuh-ree’ with a ‘k’ and a ‘sh’. It’s voiced – ‘luhg-juh-ree’. All right, that’s it. So that was a quick lesson on how to pronounce the word ‘luxury’ and the difference between ‘sh’ and ‘j’.

That’s it. Have a wonderful week. Come on over to my website and check it out for more great content. And I will see you next week in the next video. And don’t forget to subscribe to my YouTube channel. All right? Bye.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
193. How to pronounce LUXURY

Have a great week.

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