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Mistakes geeks make

Today I wanted to make it a little more interesting for you. I mean, there’s a limit to how many videos one can watch with just my face on it.
So I invited Karin Aldea, the creator of the TOP GEEK You Tube channel to help me find silly pronunciation mistakes made by geeks!

In the video we’re going to talk about words like brothers (guess which video game it’s taken from), tomb, virtual and tube (is it tube or t(y)ube??)


Hey guys, what’s up? This is Hadar and we have here Karin Aldea.
-Hi everyone! -A special guest. I’m very honored to have you here in my channel.

-Happy to be here. -Yes, and how are you? -Excited, excited yeah. -Great, beautiful flap T you had there. “Excited”, notice “excited”.

Karin is a Youtuber, a fellow YouTuber. Her channel Top Geek is an Israeli channel that deals with geeky cultures. Such as? -Such as movies, comics, science, un-boxing, whatever interest geeks.

-It’s like a lot of exciting stuff and she’s about to launch along with her husband. -Yeah

-A channel in English called: Top Geek Un-box which is actually kind of a toy review un-boxing channel for kids. -For kids.
-Yeah -Fantastic, we’re all kids. -Yeah, totally. -“For Kids”

-Alright, so now let’s move on to some geeky words, yay!

-Geeky mistakes, right? If that’s possible. -Let’s start with an easy one.

-Super Mario Bros -Bros, hey bro. -What’s the name of the video game? -Super Mario Brothers – Brothers right.

So let’s talk about the word brother. It’s a B sound, then the /R/ as in red, okay? Or as in brother. So round your lips and pull the tongue in. It’s not /br/ or /bl/. It’s a cup sound so don’t open your mouth. it’s not /bro/.

Although, there is an O there, it’s not /bwro/ also you can hear that. Then there is a /th/ and an /r/, okay?
-brothers-, okay? So you stick the tongue out for the /th/ and then you pull it in for the /r/ immediately. /brothers/ /brothers/. -Good, you can stick out the tongue a little bit more. /brothers/. -Excellent.

Tomb Raider? -What is Tomb Raider? -I don’t know? -Maybe you meant tomb raider? -Yeah, I
-Okay, guys English pronunciation and spelling do not correspond. So Tomb Raider. Let’s talk about this word.

Tomb. We begin with a T sound and then it’s the /uw/ as in food. /tuw/ – /tuw/. Perfect. And then you have ‘mb’, right? But actually when you have this consonant cluster the B is often dropped or almost always dropped, like in the word comb, bomb and womb. Alright, you don’t say ‘comB’, ‘bomB’ and ‘womB’, its comb, bomb, and womb, and tomb. Okay, tomb. So try it.

-Tomb. -Perfect, and then we switch. We move on to the /r/, right? So round your lips and pull the tongue in – rrr, and then it’s the /ei/ as in day, /rei/ /rei/, right? Not, ‘rai’ – rider, like a horse rider – but ‘reider’. -‘reider. -Exactly, and then the D is a very light D. Don’t pronounce a hard D because it’s between two vowels. So it’s not ‘reiDer’, but ‘reider’.

And then you pull it in for the /r/ sound reid-r reid-r. tuwm reid-r tuwm reid-r. Oh and it’s a set phrase so the stress falls on the first word
– Tomb Raider.

So what’s next?
Virtual Virtual Virtual Virtual World. Virtual World.
-Oh West world for example. I often hear, speaking of the word world, I often hear people saying ‘West word’. ‘-West word’. People have difficulty to say the /ld/ -Yes and it’s actually the /rld/ which is very difficult right.
And then the L disappears, so in the word “world” – I actually have a video about it, so you can check it out, I’m gonna put a link here.

/World/ make sure that you pronounce the L – world. Let’s begin with virtual. These are two, These two words have the same sound actually. So although in the virtual you have the I and in the word world you have O, they’re both the same.

Listen: /virtual/ /virtual/. So let’s isolate the ‘vr’ ‘vr’ versus wr wr right? vr as in virtual and wr as in world, right? It’s the same sound ‘ur’, it’s called the /ur/ as in “stir”.

So let’s try again vr vr and let’s continue with the word virtual. So although there is a T here it’s pronounced as vr – chu as a chu. -Yes as in chicken, right? Like CH like CH. Exactly, vr-chu-w l vr-chu-wl good. And like there’s like a little W there before the L it’s a dark L. “virtual”.

And the word world is a wr and then just think of tripling the L: wr-llld wr-llld. -Fantastic, now as you can see from Karin, she has this really nice dark L that is not ‘world’, it’s not here it’s here. world. world. Very good. Okay. “Virtual world”.Anything else?

If we’re talking about YouTube and gaming, and stuff, a lot of people say ‘YouTube’, ‘YouTube’ and, not YouTube. -Okay. -Is it okay? -Actually, yes this is a great question!

So as long as you pronounce the tense /uw/ as in food, in some words there are two options, so for example in the end the word tube or tube you can pronounce that either with uw. /tuwb/ and you can also pronounce it with a /y/ sound for t(y)uwb.

So you can say ‘yuw-tuwb’ or ‘yuw-t(y)uwb’. Let’s try both: ‘yuw-tuwb’ ‘yuw-tuwb’ or ‘yuw-t(y)uwb’. -Exactly. So both are okay. It’s like you can say ‘nuws’-paper and ‘n(y)uws’-paper.

-Again. ‘nuws’-paper. With /uw/ without that little /y/ sound, and ‘n(y)uws’-paper. You can say ‘tuws’-day and ‘t(y)uws’-day. Exactly both are fine. -I personally say ‘tuws’-day.

-Alright that was such a pleasure.
-I’ve learned a lot of stuff, yes! -Did you enjoy yourself? -Yeah I think I’ll notice more how do I pronounce words from now on. -Yeah that’s the thing like it kind of opens your mind as sorts like how the language sounds, and, you know, the building blocks of the language. -Yeah.

-I had a blast! -Thank you so much -Thanks for having me here.

Don’t forget to subscribe “Top Geek Unbox”. -Yeah, and you can subscribe to Top Geek also.
For all the Israeli and non Israeli gamers out there and geeks.
-So thank you so much, don’t forget to subscribe to my youtube channel as well.

It’s been a pleasure. Have a great week. And I’ll see you next week in the next video. Bye.

Where do all these things go? Like after you unbox? -We’re not talking about that. -Can I come over tonight? -Yeah sure.

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