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My English Program ‘New Sound’

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New Sound is the ONLY program for speakers of English as a second language that focuses on EVERYTHING you really need to own your voice in English and find the freedom you deserve.

New Sound offers a holistic approach to teaching pronunciation and prosody that will help you overcome your limitations and find your unique, powerful voice.

I’ve integrated elements from my theater training (I bet you didn’t know I was once destined for Hollywood), including voice work, body language, speech analysis, and more, to help you feel more comfortable speaking English.

But the secret sauce? The stuff that really leads to true success? It starts with how you think and feel about speaking English.

In other words, this English fluency course is like no other.

So, if you’re ready to:
Have a confident command of your English
Become successful, powerful, and happy with your voice, no matter what comes up in conversation;
Master the English-speaking mindset,
and change the circumstances in your life (and the lives of the people around you)

…then, I would be honored to show you what’s waiting for you inside New Sound.

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If you’ve been feeling like a limited version of yourself in English, and you’re hoping for a real, significant change in your English and your life – then I’m inviting you to join New Sound.
Owning a language goes BEYOND expressing an idea clearly and accurately.
Speaking English without barriers has helped my students get better jobs, make new friends, start a business, launch a YouTube channel, speak more at work, give public presentations, and so much more.

But above all, overcoming their obstacles in English has made them feel like they’ve finally achieved a long-desired dream.

How would YOU like to feel accomplished, free, and ready to open yourself up to a world of opportunities?

If you’re silently saying ‘yes’ – then I’d be honored to invite you inside New Sound.

Unlike traditional English programs that focus on teaching you content like tenses, and phrasal verbs and the right words to use in a meeting or at the supermarket –
New Sound offers you something different.

It offers you a proven path that has already helped thousands of students around the world.

Like Nina who, before New Sound wanted to quit her job because she didn’t feel any confidence in English. She’d get anxious before phone calls and meetings, even before responding to emails. But after New Sound not only did she overcome these barriers, she even got promoted at work.

Or Alex who finally started talking to his American brother-in-law. Before New Sound, his brother-in-law couldn’t understand him. Being able to finally develop that relationship in English changed everything for him.

Or Adriana who finally overcame her fears and started using her voice. She says: “Now I speak up at work. My co-workers say I sound more confident. I don’t avoid taking calls at work anymore. I can do it, I feel the power.”

These students, and many others with similar stories, were able to achieve this because New Sound offers a solution that can help you overcome every obstacle that stands in your way of achieving limitless fluency.

My journey from being an English learner to teaching lessons to nearly a million students and English teachers around the world, has been quite unconventional.
Because the things that have allowed me to be fluent and expressive were not just about English. And in New Sound, I use all those lessons that I’ve learned to make your path clear and effective.

For example, learning the sounds of English myself as a non-native speaker of English is what helps me teach you those sounds in a simple and effective way.

And what I’ve learned in my phonology and phonetics classes from my university studies allows me to teach you the theory behind it.

And having trained as an actress with hours of voice classes is what gave me ideas for exercises and lessons that will help you sound more expressive and connect your emotions to your voice, and it also helps me guide you to find your optimal voice in English.

Another thing I’ve heard from so many students is that they struggle to create consistent and regular practice habits. That’s why I’ll also teach you about what it really takes to stay consistent and develop the right mindset and habits for success, something I had to do as a content creator and entrepreneur to be where I am today.

But most importantly, I’ll share with you what I’ve learned from teaching thousands and thousands of students privately, in groups, and in online courses for over 15 years.

I have been where you are now, and I can’t wait to save you time, energy, and money as I help you get to the other side.

You’re probably wondering What makes New Sound so effective?

So let me tell you. First, it’s where we put our focus. New Sound focuses on the spoken language, and on minimizing the gap between the English you already know and the English that you speak. We do that through very intentional pronunciation work. This work naturally creates clarity and effortlessness in your speech, helping you sound more expressive, and say exactly what you want to say – so you can get what you want (and feel good about it). And this method, called the pronunciation confidence method, also allows you to tap into parts of the language that you don’t often use and make them more accessible to you when you need them.

Imagine you have a large closet full of clothes. The closet’s messy, and you pile up shirts on top of pants on top of jackets. And every time you’re searching for something to wear, you’re only looking at what’s in front of you. And when you can’t find something to wear – you buy new clothes and add them to your wardrobe, not even knowing what clothes you already have at the bottom of the pile.

That’s the same with language.
Think of all the words that you know, and the grammar rules that you’ve learned, but you don’t use them because they’re not accessible to you when you need them.

So back to your closet, wouldn’t it be smarter and more efficient, instead of just buying more and more new clothes, to first sort out the clothes you already have and make them available to see and wear?
Put them on the shelf, fold them properly, and hang them up on a rack?

The New Sound method does that to the English in your brain. It makes the English you already know, more accessible and thus helping you become more fluent and confident.

The second aspect that makes New Sound so unique is the emphasis and space given to the holistic aspect of learning a language. You cannot detach who you are and how you feel from how you speak. It’s never just about grammar, vocabulary, or your pronunciation.
New Sound teaches you how to actively develop a growth mindset that will set you up for success, help you build learning habits you actually WANT to have, and shows you how to set clear goals while giving you the tools to achieve them.

And lastly, New Sound will offer you unparalleled support, coaching, and guidance in a way you’ve never experienced in any English program.
We pride ourselves on our passion for our students’ success, and we do whatever we can to get you to the finish line while making you feel supported and at home.

The core program is composed of 10 modules that will unlock over the course of 14 weeks. Each module contains a series of video lessons that you’ll be able to watch at your own pace and on your own time and best of all, you get lifetime access to all the lessons inside New Sound.

You’ll also get countless opportunities to work live with me, my coaches and practice with other students during the 14-week duration of the program.
Every week you’ll have weekly masterclasses with me reviewing the content you’ve learned throughout the week. I’ll be answering questions, and offer you laser-focused pronunciation feedback.
You’ll also get to join mindset coaching calls with me, where I’ll work individually with students helping them overcome obstacles.

We offer you weekly live Sprints, which are like pronunciation workouts with our NS coaches.

On top of all this, you’ll be able to attend conversation groups that happen daily with new sound ambassadors so you can put what you learn into practice.

And finally, our top-notch tech and student success support team will be available to assist you at all times.

At the end of those 14 weeks, you’ll get lifetime access to all the lessons and recordings (with a few additional bonuses), so you can keep coming back to everything that you’ve learned and keep discovering new things inside the program.

Everything I mentioned now is a part of the New Sound standard program.

For those who want a more tailored experience with even more feedback and personal guidance, we also offer VIP PLANS like our NS feedback and coaching pods.

I want to invite you to create a new and positive relationship with English, so you can achieve limitless fluency.

Which is the type of fluency that is not about being flawless, and not making mistakes but about being fearless, courageous and expressive. The type of fluency where you’re not afraid to speak up. Where you are clear and engaging, effortless and funny, and you simply love speaking in English.

Just like my student, Cynthia, who after training with us wrote:
“I’ve been struggling with my English for years, and for the first time in too long, I am free, free to speak, free to be satisfied with my level. Free not to be ashamed.”

Or Francis, who describes himself as a “man of words”, and says that after New Sound he finally regained his superpower in English.

Or Khadija who said that the course has helped her pronounce numerous sounds she didn’t know before, and now she feels more confident. Which allows her to challenge herself daily by speaking in public, without the fear of making mistakes.

Or Barbara who after NEW SOUND finally got the courage to ask for a raise in her English-speaking job, and get it!

Now, you may have tried to get there in the past and haven’t seen satisfying results. Maybe you even started to believe that you simply don’t have what it takes to reach that level.
I’m here to tell you that it is possible and that you already have what it takes.
You just haven’t found the right strategy, training, and environment to thrive.
New Sound is a program that offers you all that. The right mentorship, support, community, and the most practical and relevant content that focuses on the things that make a difference.
And you know what? You’ve got nothing to lose. When you join New Sound, you have a 14-day money-back guarantee… no-questions-asked… which allows you to join now, but really – try the program for 2 weeks and see if it’s for you – before saying a final YES.
I know that if you follow the lessons and do the work, you WILL see and feel the change.

Don’t keep waiting for an opportunity to come – create the opportunity.
My team and I will be waiting for you inside New Sound to show you how to do that.

The InFluency Podcast
The InFluency Podcast
302. My English Program ‘New Sound’ is Now Open!

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Hadar,
    I want to join the new sound program ,so l am on the waiting list for September batch.Could you tell me about the price of the program ?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Vinesh, Karen here. As this program is currently closed, we haven’t yet established the new prices, but now that you’re on the list, we’ll notify you as soon as we have the info! ❤️

  2. Dear Hadar,
    It is a pleasure to have found you as a coach. The last nine years I have lived in America have been a wonderful experience for me, especially when it comes to improving English as a second language. My goal is to speak clearly and break some habits! I’m wondering how much the New Sound course costs and want to sign up for the next one. I look forward to hearing from you.


  3. Hello hadar
    I came cross your new sound program,l really want to be part of this program ,so l am on the wait list because the registration have been closing.but would you tell me about the price of the program to prepare my budget?

    Thank you

    1. Hi Marh, Karen here. I sent you an email with more info 🙂 Make sure to check your spam folder

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