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Say your name in English [Mini-Training]

Have you ever had your name mispronounced?
Have you ever had to repeat your name more than once because the person in front of you didn’t ‘catch’ it?
Have you ever thought of CHANGING your name so that people would understand you better when you introduce yourself?

When I was 20 I moved to NYC and changed my name to Julia.
I was working as a bartender and I’d get asked for my name about 100 times a day.
You see, I just got tired of saying it 200 times a day having to repeat it at least once every freaking time!

There’s something frustrating about beginning the most basic interaction with other humans with clarification. Repetition. Correction.
It was so much easier to just choose a different name.

But.. I’ve started making friends. Close friends. I created a life for myself.
And every time someone had called me Julia I felt like they were talking to someone else.

Had I known what I know now, I wouldn’t have changed my name.
In retrospect, throughout my journey in English I’ve always strived to find my own voice in English and changing my name was not helping me, it made me feel phony and dishonest.

When I started using my real name, I discovered that people are not that stupid and with a slight modification, I can say my real name without having to repeat it fifteen times.

All I did was Englishize my name (yes, it’s a real word although I was absolutely sure I invented it).

How did I do it?
Using a simple technique that I’m about to teach you in this video,
so you can use it YOURSELF when saying your name or the names of the people close to you.

Here it is: How to say YOUR name in English mini-training

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  1. Hello I’m André I live in Rio de Janeiro and i’d like to speak speak more fast and clear english I speak Portuguese so for me it’s a little bit hard to change my accent pronunciation!

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