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How to pronounce spreadsheet

You know these words that in your head they sound like one thing,
But when they come out of your mouth they sound… Well…
Different? So Spreadsheet.

To stop making awkward/funny (depends on who you’re talking to) mistakes:


Hey guys, it’s Hadar and this is The Accent’s Way. And today’s video is about how to pronounce the word ‘spreadsheet’.

So this video is going to be short and sweet and is dedicated to all you teachers, accountants, HR managers, and other organized people who always want to say “spreadsheet”, but end
up saying “spreadshit”.

So, we begin with an ‘sp’ sound – “sp”, “sp”. So you start with an ‘s’ sound, don’t add any vowels before if you’re a Spanish speaker, it’s not “espread”, but “sp”.
So you start with an ‘s’ and you close it with a ‘p’ so close your lips together – “sp”. Bring your tongue up for the ‘R’ as your lips are closed – “spreh”. Drop your jaw for the ‘eh’ and close it with
a ‘d’ – “spred” “spred”.

You don’t need to release the ‘d’ here – “spred”. Then you move on to the ‘sh’ sound – “spred-sh”. Right? So you actually hear something like “ch” “ch”. Like a ‘ch’ as in ‘chicken’ – “spred-ch”.
And then, and that’s the important part, we have the vowel ‘ee’ as in ‘see’ – “shee”. To make the ‘ee’ sound the top of the tongue rolls forward and the body of the tongue almost touches the upper palate. It’s so close that you even feel vibrations there – “shee”. The lips pull to the sides a bit – “shee”.

Now, there is a difference between ‘sheep’ and ‘ship’. Just like there’s a difference between ‘sheet’ and ‘shit’. There, I said it. Shit. Okay?
So, if you don’t bring the tongue forward and if you don’t make it long enough, it’s going to sound like ‘spreadshit’ and not ‘spreadsheet’. Okay?

So, “spred-sheet” we move to the ‘ee’ sound and you hold it abruptly with a held ‘T’ at the end – “spred-sheet”. That means that you don’t really release the ‘T’, you just bring the tongue up or hold
the air in your throat and there is an abrupt stop of air and that’s the ‘T’ – “sheet”. Spreadsheet. Primary stress is on the ‘spread’. SPREADsheet. TA-da.

“Just open a new spreadsheet.” “I sent you the spreadsheet.” “Put it in the spreadsheet.”

That’s it! Simple!

Just smile and keep your tongue high and that’s my tip for you for life. What other words, that can come across as awkward words, do you have in mind? Let me know in the comments below.
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Have a wonderful week and I will see you next week, you know what, in the next video. Bye!

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The InFluency Podcast
252. How to pronounce 'Spreadsheet'

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