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Fluency, Confidence & Speaking With Native Speakers

I came across Stefanie’s English coaching videos on FB, and I immediately liked her approach and teaching technique. (spoiler: she thinks traditional English learning SUCKS! Just like me:))

Her methods of learning a new language through immersion has worked perfectly for her as a Spanish learner, and she decided to coach English learners using the same techniques and methods she developed for herself.

In the interview we talk about the difference between teaching and coaching, what are the biggest obstacles non-native speakers face when speaking (no, it’s not limited vocabulary), and how to network with native-speakers as a form of practice. I had so much fun talking to her, and I hope you’ll enjoy it too.

And the best part is – she also interviewed me! So if you want to get more tips on mastering English pronunciation and fluency, and hear me speak about my experience, go here:

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