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Change your English, Change your life: Success Stories of New Sound Students

Many speakers of English as a second language settle for less when it comes to their goals and dreams, and all because of English. But English doesn’t have to be an obstacle or a barrier. With the right strategy and practice, it can become a tool for us to communicate and get what we want.

Yes, our English journey can be fulfilling, exciting and inspiring! And in this episode you can hear it straight from 6 of my remarkable students and New Speakers of English:

In this episode, you’ll meet 6 exceptional New Speakers of English.

  • Orsi Csernák, who started teaching English and giving tours around Budapest in English.
  • Sérgio Dutra, who kept showing up in English and together with Orsi, has recorded more than 600 videos!
  • Alma Vivero, who doesn’t let comments or questions regarding her background hold her back and now converse confidently and freely in English.
  • Leia Santos, who not only hosted speaking sessions with other New Sound members, but also inspired and guided them in their journey.
  • Barbara Myszka, who gained confidence to negotiate her salary, in English.
  • Ekaterina Ratsina who took initiative and decided to give a full lecture in her field, in English, in front of 50 people.

Watch the video below to learn more about their breakthroughs and moments of success:


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