Before taking the Accent Makeover online course, I’d never been empowered by anybody else in language, improving the outstanding way that Hadar did and is still doing. To be entirely transparent, I hesitated a great deal before signing up and was doubtful of whether it is going to work at all. Despite having deep language experience and advanced English grammar skills, I struggled with self-confidence in fluency and pronunciation. During the Accent Makeover class, something marvelous was happening. It changed my perspective on language learning thoroughly. It is based upon Hadar’s excellent approach to coach enabling everyone to improve specific skills individually.

Consequently, once and for all, I changed my habits of how to do the muscle work speaking English with proper rhythm, intonation, and feeling the flow. Finally, I got it and put together the puzzle of the American accent. Hadar’s great personality as a teacher, coach, and friend, as well as her inspiring ability to capture people’s imagination, and lead students to discover their hidden potential, enriched my life and profession. Without the slightest whiff of an exaggeration, I highly recommend Hadar’s online workshop!  

P.S. I wrote this testimonial after my first round of Accent Makeover in 2018. As a truth-loving person, I had to validate the permanent outcome, being aware it was not just a temporary success. Today, not only can I confirm every single word written back then, but I’d also love to share my genuine gratitude for being shown a path (The Accent’s Way) to a real breakthrough in fluency, pronunciation, and rhythm. It truly worked! Without a doubt, my takeaway is that putting the proper effort into what’s right for you will make you pretty soon enjoy your progress and communicate in English confidently. 

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