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Why I started a Podcast

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Welcome to my new podcast, In.Fluency, where I’ll discuss English, pronunciation learning and teaching, how to really make a difference and become a fluent and confident English speaker. In this first episode, I’ll share with you the reasons why I chose to start my own podcast, who it is for, and what you’re gonna find here. 

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17 Responses

  1. Hi, Hadar! I think you are really a very good English teacher. I see your videos in youtube and they are quite interesting.
    I hope you can continue with your project, because people like you are giving a good example as professional in trying to help students to improve their english.

  2. Ohh, girl, it’s been a miracle coming across your YouTube videos. ❤Working on improving my english skills and i’m sure that this will be an astonishing journey for me. You are an amazing motivational english coach, thank you, Hadar, and i’m so excited to open your emails every week. 🙂 Good luck with the Podcast!

  3. Many thanks for starting your journey here. I have arrived here a long way from the IPA explanation you did on Youtube. A slow starter I am, but you still accommodate me. A great day to you, too.

  4. Hadar Congratulations for the podcasts. The podcast is really good to hear &I hope you will send to us in future also l appreciate your hard work. Thanks a lot

  5. It’s hard to believe you’re not native speaker!! I’m a big fan as you manage to make things easier and pleasant – thank you!! Whether your videos and podcasts are amazing – well done!

  6. Dear Hadar!
    A podcast is one more facet of your creativity.
    It is talented, easy to understand and easily digestible.
    That work is bright like everything you do!
    Sincerely yours!

  7. Dear Hardar, I appreciate your effort. All the podcast is really good to hear and precious. I love your tone of voice and way of speaking. Thank you.

  8. Your are my model. From a non native English speaker, you were able to become one of the best teachers of English. So, my ultime goal is to follow your steps with the hope to
    One day Reach at least a fraction of your fluency.
    Best wishes

  9. Hey Hadar
    I’m so excited that you started your Podcast.
    I also listening to Podcast and audio books and I enjoy it.
    Gonna listen to your next episode.

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