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Why pronunciation is important when learning a language

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Pronunciation is the door to understanding and mastering spoken English. It’s the secret of speaking with confidence and communicating clearly. In this episode, I pinpoint the reasons why learning pronunciation is crucial if you want to make an impact and not compromise your message. Because this is really what it’s all about. It’s not about you sounding more American and losing your identity. It’s about you feeling amazing in your own skin when you communicate in English.

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3 Responses

  1. Hi hadar I enjoy listening for you due to I can understand your English. To feel understanding a different language become me more powerful person. Actually, I wanna write more thing, but I can’t find compliment to write. thank you for your helps. You are so loved. Xoxo

  2. Thanks Hadar for this insightful and powerful record. I really enjoyed listening to your voice and I’d like to speak English like you do and improve my accent. My question is where or how can we record our voice to send you for example a message about a particular topic to assess the accent?

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