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13 Things I’ve Learned as a Teacher

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  • 7. 13 Lessons I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Teaching English 00:00

I’ve been an accent and fluency coach for over 10 years. It hasn’t always been easy but it was always gratifying. I’ve learned new things about English and about my teaching, and I want to share these things with you.

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00:00 – My teaching journey in the past decade
06:30 – Being flexible – there is more than one way to explain something. Follow your student’s needs
12:46 – Be open – your students are your best teachers so look for what’s working and what’s not
17:27 – Clear is better than accurate – it doesn’t have to be perfect, as long as the result is clear and the student feels confident and accomplished in English
27:15 – Students don’t need to know everything. There’s a lot of important information out there, but not everything is relevant. Use what they need to know in order to transform.
30:02 – Be honest and vulnerable – Don’t expect yourself to know everything. If you’re uncertain about something, let them know and use it as an opportunity to learn
31:54 – Speak less – Being passionate is great but it’s not a lecture and they need the actual practice
33:33 – Be a coach, not a teacher – understand your role as a teacher, that it’s about getting them to take action. You need to communicate the lesson and the obstacles, to push them forward and to hold them accountable
36:00 – It’s never just about pronunciation or grammar, it’s about feeling comfortable in their own skin in English and accomplish what they want
37:18 – Even if you can’t make it, you can still teach it. You don’t need to have a native accent. As long as you know what they need to do, you can teach and coach them
40:28 – Be a translator of knowledge – simplify and translate complicated ideas into something the student will understand
41:40 – You are enough. Don’t let your accent and your knowledge and your background hold you back
44:00 – Know your worth. As you grow as a teacher, you should definitely get paid more for your services and your time
45:42 – Be organized and give clear practice instructions – review what you’ve done in the lesson and explain how to revisit it themselves

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  1. These incrustations are meaningful ,you are so perceptive and imaginative… you are great dear Ms. Hadar.

  2. Hi, the 7. 13 Lessons I’ve Learned in Ten Years of Teaching English – Hadar Shemesh article it is well written, it’s very informative.

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    Your child deserves the best education! 🙂 Kiss
    you All!

  3. Inspirational and commendable work Hadar. You simplify things and make them sound natural and interesting! Keep up the good work

    Chiza J

  4. Hello my teacher how are you i am faisal from morocco i m a begining in english i m didnt study english in school i am learn alone on youtube but i have difficulté on speak can you help me to learn english please my big dreams i learn english

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