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A native English speaker criticized my English… This is my response

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  • 100. A native English speaker criticized my English… This is my response 00:00

What do you do when people criticize your English? Not in a good, loving way, but in a demeaning and patronizing way?

When I get negative comments and criticism (and I do, a lot) I usually don’t respond. But there was something about a comment I received on YouTube recently that triggered me, so I decided to respond.

I wanted to do that so you’ll see that I, too, receive negative feedback, and I don’t let it get to me – and neither should you.

But also, I wanted to show you what Native Speakerism is – the assumption that a select group of people (or teachers) with a certain linguistic background is superior to other groups who don’t share the same background. I think it’s important that we identify it when we see it – as it takes on many forms – and call people out on it.

If you feel like sharing a negative comment you received – write it in the comments, and add your response after listening to this episode!

The video there the comment appeared https://youtu.be/pM1srOv9Mds

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One Response

  1. Hi Hadar,
    I just came across your podcast, l love it! Especially this episode I felt like it talks to me. Even though I tried that these comments about accent don’t affect me, but they did sometimes. I just have to keep going and telling myself that I’m better than them at least I speak 3 languages and I survived in a foreign country with limited english. I bet whomever threw these comments, they never get out of their home town or get in contact with other people from other backgrounds. Wish you the best!

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