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Being a NON-NATIVE speaker is an ADVANTAGE | Interview with an OSCAR winning producer

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  • 108. Being a NON-NATIVE speaker is an ADVANTAGE | Interview with an OSCAR winning producer 00:00

Should you let your English stop you?
Rotem Alima, an Academy Award-winning film and television producer, thinks that’s the last thing you should do.
She also didn’t let the fact that she’s a brown, immigrant woman stop her from succeeding in the demanding Hollywood film and TV industry.

For International Women’s day, Rotem shares with us her story of how she moved from being insecure and ready to give up on her dream of becoming a Hollywood producer, to finding her voice and her power. And that’s a great reminder of how everything’s possible.

She will also share incredible insights on how to find the advantages of being a non-native speaker.

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Rotem Alima is an Academy Award-winning film and television producer and a Forbes ’30 Under 30′ Honoree from Israel, based in Los Angeles. During her career she has worked with large international brands, popular TV channels, as well as the highest government offices in Israel.

Follow Rotem on Instagram @rotem.alima https://bit.ly/3qv0aj4
Rotem’s Website: https://www.rotemalima.com/

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