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Episode #120

10 MIN Pronunciation Challenge [HARD!]

00:10:38 minutes long
audio file size: 15 mb

DOWNLOAD the PDF with the pronunciation drills in this episode:

This is the most challenging pronunciation practice I have created by far. I must admit, some of these drills were tricky for me too! But that’s exactly what made it so much fun! So if you’re up for a challenge, you HAVE to practice this with me.
My pronunciation drills will help you become more aware of your mouth, and build your confidence when using tricky sounds, sound combinations, and words.

Pronunciation confidence is my unique teaching technique that has helped thousands of my students, and the students who have used different Sprints daily say that it works like MAGIC and they share incredible results.

Check out the video version of this episode here >>

Download the pdf:

Too challenging? Try Sprints first and then get back to this practice:

Sprint #1
Sprint #2
Morning routine

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