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Episode #122

How to learn a language | Building the RIGHT Habits

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Is there a right way to learn a language? No matter what your strategy is, learning a new language requires you to form a new set of habits.
In this episode I’ll discuss the 3 types of habits in language learning.

Habits are a big part of our lives: they are the actions that we take, and the thoughts that we have. As a result, they pretty much determine whether we realize our full potential or not.

I’ll discuss why it’s key for you to recognize what your good and bad habits are, and what you can do if you want to acquire new and healthy habits to reach your goals and improve your English every single day. I’ll cover three types of habits: learning habits, speaking habits, and thinking habits.

How do YOU learn a language? What are your learning habits when it comes to English?

In my new program I’ll teach you how to form thinking habits, speaking habits, and learning habits so you can unlock your voice and fulfill your potential.

If you want to build powerful language habits – start here ?

Speaking Habits:

Learning habits:

Thinking habits:

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