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Episode #128

How Can Intonation Help You Become A Better Speaker

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Do you want to become a great public speaker like Shonda Rhimes? Avoid sounding monotone? Are you interested in learning more about American intonation, American rhythm, and stress? Good. Because this episode is all about that.

In this episode, I analyze a TED talk called “My year of saying YES to everything” by the wonderful Shonda Rhimes. This talk is not only great for learning American intonation, but also inspiring – inspiring to take action and to dare say YES to things we usually say no to.

And when it comes to your English journey, you should definitely say YES to this video. Download the script and practice with me:

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10 Responses

  1. Dear Hadar,

    You are amazing…I’m learning and loving your excellent classes. I’ve been studying English for many years, but nobody ever explained the pronunciation, entonation , pitch, and all the other marvelous things that you do. For the first time I notice how much my accent has improved and of course I am very proud of myself.

    Thanks for all you do,

  2. I should listen HADAR every single day. Her voice has such a power, a motivation force that even in my darkest day, lift up my mood and give me hope.

    I love the “Everything that make me nervous, take me out of my comfort zone, I force myself to say YES to it….”

    I’ve been struggling with English for years, and I came to a painful conclusion: all failures and mistakes I did, and definitely I will continue doing, are the only way to growth, to succeed; so if I keep running away from pain, for the necessary pain that come with excellent, I will not reach those things I wish and desire to be part of my life.

    Thanks HADAR!!

  3. I appreciate you so much, you’re the best teacher I love listening to your lesson you make me understand it well

  4. Greetings, teacher, Hadar:
    In fact, I am unable to thank you for all the work you do. I would like to receive more. And drop from the sea of ​​your love to be the best under your care.
    I would like to receive more …
    Thank you very much.

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