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Episode #132

Who Moved My Word Stress?!?! ?

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In this episode, I’ll talk about phrases and how the stress and rhythm in a phrase may CHANGE based on the function of the phrase in the sentence.

For example, if you take a phrase like ‘last minute’, then in a simple sentence like “They finished their project at the last minute”, MINUTE is usually stressed in a neutral intonation. But if you take the phrase and use it before a noun, as in “a last-minute decision”, LAST will be stressed more than ‘minute’.

Listen to the episode and find out about more examples like this, and find out why we don’t put the plural ‘s’ in phrases like “3-year-old boy”.

Also, have you ever noticed this change in stress and rhythm in English? Let me know in the comments below.

Check out this episode to learn how to find the primary stress in words:

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8 Responses

  1. Ola megusta escuchar en recor porque siento que aprendo a entender mejor solo tengo un problems no puedo escrivirlo pero puedo ablarlo

  2. Hello, I’m Sheila Tagalog speaker. This very interesting podcast or lesson for a new student trying to learn English like me. I am looking forward to received more podcast from you Hadar. You inspired me for all you are doing and thank you for your patience and share your gift of knowledge.

  3. Hi Hadar

    My name Layla Somalia speaker. I love your podcast and your youtube changer I away learn something new every day. by the way I live in the U S A

  4. Hello. I’m Judy Spanish speaker I’m continued to find hard English but I won’t give up, thanks for the interesting podcasts I really appreciate your guide for learning English

  5. Hello. I’m Judy Spanish speaker I’m countinued to find hard English but I won’t give up, thanks for the interesting pods cast is very useful

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