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How to use IN, ON, and AT, without getting confused! [PART 1 - TIME]

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  • 140. How to use IN, ON, and AT, without getting confused! [PART 1 – TIME] 00:00

On Wednesday or at Wednesday? In the summer or at the summer?

In this episode, I’m sharing with you a super helpful way to understand and remember how to use the prepositions ‘in’, ‘on’, and ‘at’ correctly.
This episode will focus on time. In the next episode we’ll talk about using these prepositions when we talk about place. Stay tuned for part 2!

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10 Responses

  1. This is very helpful video, on account of preposition is always hard to apply perfectly 😀

  2. I apologise for my nagging, but I heard some echo in the middle of your podcast. Although sound in begin and end of it was perfect.

  3. Hi Hadar, thank you for this lesson. I’m learning English since I was a kid and I can tell that it’s The First time that a teacher explained those prepositions in the cleverest and the smartest way ever!
    I feel really lucky to have discovered your website!
    Love xoxo

  4. Hello Hadar, I really like your teaching method ,I feel very comfortable, thanks for your contribution in teaching English, I look forward to the next classes.

  5. Hi, I loved your explanation. I often feel that prepositions and connectors are difficult for me (to me??) and make me insecure when it comes to speaking and writing. Can you also relate to reliable tools that we can use when we’re not sure if we use connectors in a right way and/ or syntax in general? Thanks a lot!

  6. Hi Hadar, your email about the workout was a kick in the guts😅. I saw myself in that situation about to improve my English skills. Thank you for what you are doing has been extremely useful to boost confidence. I also realised that i need a plan urgent 😅🙂.

    The episode is awesome!!! I am looking forward to part 02

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