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How Small, Smart Choices Can Transform Your English | The Compound Effect

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Taking small actions every day leads to great results. Author Darren Hardy calls it “The Compound Effect”, and it holds for a lot of things in life. In this episode, I’ll discuss how I’ve realized it’s deeply relevant to English learning and speaking. I experienced it in acting school, in the accent training courses I took, and in the past decade in teaching and building my business. I see it in my students as well, as they put in the work day in day out, not seeing immediate results but then reach a breakthrough and impact other people around them.

06:42 – Defining the Compound Effect
09:02 – How daily practice changed my accent in acting school
13:05 – How weekly uploads led to a successful business
17:00 – Insisting on speaking English is making a difference
25:55 – Breaking it down is building you up
30:45 – The Ripple Effect, and how it has manifested in my life
33:12 – The outcomes of OUR actions
37:15 – The Compound Effect in English: What YOU can do

After listening to this episode, let me know in the comments on my website if you’ve experienced the Compound Effect in your life, but more importantly – what you’re going to do to build up your English until the end of the month! Yes. Break it down and build yourself up!

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13 Responses

  1. I know this website provides quality depending articles
    or reviews and extra stuff, is there any other site which provides these things in quality?

  2. thank you! You’re amazing! I’d like to make the commitment of one video each day, it’s going to be hard because I don’t speak a lot, it’ll be a battle against me. I’m starting making smart choices one at the time.

  3. Hi Hadar, thank you very much for your kindness. It’s amazing how there are people in this world who can help others without any interest or regression. Since I started listening to your audios I can speak a little bit more clear and I’m feeling more confident. Even though the “R” sound it’s still hard for me. Thank you so much.🤣🤣

  4. Dear Hadar ! Thank you again for the excellent podcast. It was very useful for me just by listening it. I’m observing a fine, step-by-step improving of my listening skill after having listened to repeatedly to your podcasts. I’m very grateful for your offering them which should invest a great amount of professional work.I have of course, several times applied the compound effect in my life. E.g. passing through the human Anatomy examination with the best grade needed in my student ages a step-by-step everyday work executing the compound effect. In that case the impact was a successful exam.In English and in general, in foreign language learning the result is the fluent, confident talk.

  5. Amazing as usual. I have to say I’m one of those who joined the Fluency challenge back in April 2018 -I think- and it totally changed my life… I didn’t see it at the time and I’m still putting in the work, but the changes are huge. The impact is huge. And the greatest thing is that once you understood it, you can’t go back! You want to move forward and see what the future brings. Thanks Hadar!!!! 😊

  6. Hi Hadar,I’m so happy to your wonderful podcast, it give me the strength to continued to improve my English. Your tips are clear and and powerful. Thank you.

    1. Dear Lady I’m so happy that I have found your videos and podcasts.
      I’ve been trying to learn english for so many years but as you have mentioned it I haven’t been consistent and sure thing that’s the reason why I haven’t reached this one of my mainly goals. Thanks for these valuable advices.
      Best regards. ❤

  7. Hadar, your podcasts are amazing! I am undergoing an accent reduction course right now, too. I am an ESL teacher living in an English-speaking country and would ideally like to eliminate my accent completely. Could you please share if there was any specific pattern or schedule that you used for your drills? For example, how many minutes (hours?) a day did you practice for? Also, did you practice all the sounds or just the ones you were struggling with? Thank you!

  8. Amazing audio as you! This is exactly what I’m trying to do by myself (by going through into small pieces) to finally see results at the end. What I’m doing is reading out loud 3 times a week for about 1h each day. Soonly it’ll be 4 times a week. Yay! After listen to you, I feel so much more supported and actually I can see it as an achivable goal indeed. Thank you Hadar! ♡ Xx

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