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PHRASAL VERBS - Do you REALLY need them to sound fluent? (the answer is NO)

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  • 150. PHRASAL VERBS – Do you REALLY need them to sound fluent? (the answer is NO) 00:00

Do English phrasal verbs stress you out? Are you obsessed with understanding how to use them to the point that you find yourself getting stuck when communicating in English?
If you do, this episode is for you. I’m gonna talk about the consequences of not using phrasal verbs when speaking English and how to avoid the biggest mistake when learning and practicing phrasal verbs, using my pronunciation confidence method.

What are your favorite phrasal verbs in English? How do YOU learn them? Do you find it easy or hard? Let me know in the comments or DM me at @hadar.accentsway.

⏯ Link to pronunciation confidence method episode: https://youtu.be/8efar0nSZ3Q
📥 Download Monthly Vocabulary Builder and use it for learning new phrasal verbs here https://bit.ly/3xOEWjN
🗣 Join InFluency Community to practice new phrasal verbs you learn https://bit.ly/3iRFLV6

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  1. Hadar, you are the excellent teacher! I speak Russian and German lanquage and I’m studing the English lenguage now. My level is A2, but I understand everything that you say! 😃

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