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Learn American Intonation, Rhythm & Body Language With a Disney Princess

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  • 159. Learn American Intonation, Rhythm & Body Language With a Disney Princess 00:00

In this week’s episode, I’ll be teaching you the difference between stressed and unstressed words and sharing clips from Frozen 2 to show you how the character animation helps convey those operative (stressed) words.
Stressed words are usually longer, louder, and higher in pitch while unstressed words are softer, lower in pitch, we say them quickly, and we reduce vowels there.

Just like animated Disney characters, good English speakers have body movement, gestures, and facial expressions that are aligned with the intonation, rhythm, and stress of the language.

If you want to enjoy everything this episode has to offer, we recommend watching the video version so you can see the clips I mention: https://theaccentsway.com/learn-english-intonation-with-frozen

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