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Episode #178

English Consonants Masterclass | IPA Consonant Table Explained [+FREE DOWNLOAD]

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Free Download: Clear&Easy English consonants chart

English consonants can be confusing! Whether it’s understanding the difference between the different consonants, or producing them.

In this consonant masterclass, I’ll teach you the three elements that you need to take into consideration when pronouncing consonants (hint: it’s all about place of articulation, manner of articulation, and voicing), and how the consonant chart represents all of that. It’s easier than you think! I will also teach you how to read the IPA (International Phonetic Alphabet) and discuss some tricky cases that you should look out for when it comes to the pronunciation of consonants.

Do you merge B and P in English? Or maybe you confuse W and V? Do you struggle with the TH or the R? Or do you simply want to understand the IPA consonant chart? This episode is for you!

Watch the video version to get the most of the lesson here.

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