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Episode #182

The Immigrant Experience | Saying goodbye & learning to belong again

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Every immigrant has their own story to tell: a story about the circumstances that led them to move to another country, a story about the life they’re building in that new country; The things they left behind, the things they brought with them, the things that they left behind and brought with them. And in their story, you would often find English.
One of the things I would like to focus on this year is exactly that, the place where English intersects with the immigrant experience. Many of my students are immigrants, I was an immigrant myself. There are commonalities, for sure, but each story is unique, a story worth telling and listening to. And English had – and for some of us still has – a big part in our story.

If you’d like to share your English story as an immigrant, I’d be happy to hear from you (click here – During the next months I’ll share some of your stories, answer questions you might have, and host immigrants as well as people whose work involves English and the immigrant experience.

For now, you can watch these videos where I discussed the experience of being an immigrant with guests and students:

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