Episode #19

How to get over the fear of being judged when speaking English

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  • 19. How to get over the fear of being judged when speaking English 00:00

Have you ever felt nervous speaking English, especially around native speakers? If the answer is yes, do listen to this episode.

In this episode you will learn:
1. How to turn your thoughts around so you can become a confident speaker
2. How to get past the fear of speaking with native speakers
3. Three things you can do to improve your English performance even if you are afraid

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3 Responses

  1. Hello Hadar, May you send to me the transcript of this episode (#19)? Because when I tried to download transcript it appears another episode transcription ).

    That episode was interested. I felt to identify, but there are some words I don’t recognize them and I want to listen to this episode # 19 with of transcription.

    Thank you so much in advance and I love your content!

  2. Hi Hadar,
    i hope this email find you well,
    i have notice that the transcript of episode No,19 is belong to episode No,31
    thanks for all what you do for us and to develop learning English.

    wish you the best

  3. Hi Hadar ! May I thank you and congratulate for choosing this important issue. It’s also my own experience and one can read a lot about it in textbooks of psychology that anxiety exerts a debilitating effect on every mental activity. There are many conscious or subconscious psychological mechanisms which particularly impact speaking a foreign language fluently and confidently. E.g., if you are living in an English speaking environment as a foreigner, e.g. as an immigrant your English can be quite all right. But even in that case the impostor mechanism can be generated by any kind of anxiety feeling. Nowadays, any individual in the society can be exposed to many effects triggering anxiety. That underlines Hadar’s important message. Laszlo

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