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Finding freedom in English - listen to Success Stories ?

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If English is not your native language, does that mean you have to compromise on the things you want to achieve in your life?
Listening to the stories in this episode, you’ll see that the answer is absolutely not.

For my students who you will meet in this episode, English used to be a huge obstacle that was impossible to overcome. But with the right strategy, practice technique, and mindset, they were able to make an incredible transformation in their English that led to making incredible changes in their lives, well-being, confidence, self-worth, and even salary!

These are the stories of my New Sound students.
Each of these remarkable individuals shares stories about their English journey, and especially their moments of success – a true testament to the fact that English doesn’t have to be a barrier in our lives. And if you have the right roadmap, getting to that point is closer than you think.

Watch the episode and hear Oscar Montez, who joined NS after watching my previous student success panel… now HE is the one sharing his success story today; and Francis Kodama, who felt like he lost his super powers when he moved to Canada, but has now gained them back again; as well as Jelena Tosovic, who doesn’t let her fear of making mistakes hold her back from achieving professional success!

You’ll also get to know Jessica Anderson, who landed a job in the US after taking New Sound; and Aline de Souza, who found freedom in English; and Šárka Mitterwaldová, who now loves speaking in English and does it proudly and joyously.

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