Episode #21

How to Practice Pronunciation Effectively?

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  • 21. How to Practice Pronunciation Effectively? 00:00

One question I get asked regularly by learners of English is, “how come I practice a new word and succeed in pronouncing it right but then fail to get it right when using it in a conversation later on?”

Has that ever happened to you? In this episode I discuss why it is not enough to improve in English simply by watching a video or listening to a podcast, and what you need to do to really see results when you speak.

Use Google to practice your pronunciation: https://hadarshemesh.com/podcast/08/

If you want to improve your accent and understand spoken English better, download my free American Accent audio crash course.

You can also download an interactive list of  50 of the most mispronounced words in English and master the pronunciation of those tricky words.

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6 Responses

  1. Hi Hadar. I really appreciate your support and your time to do this podcast. Is so interesting for me in order to improve my English level, gain confidence, and practice my pronunciation.

  2. Hi Mam this is a great platform for English learners and people self observation. Be polishing and improvemet drastically change myself. Thanks a lot mam

  3. Hi Hadar ! Thank you for your podcast, clear and well understandable. I acknowledge that pronunciation is an inherent part of the right speaking. It provides for the technical features of the talk the honor they deserve. So it seems in the future all those using the American English could be divided into two groups. The members of the first one can express by pronunciation that they belong to a “higher class” of English using population (using authentic language). Probably high ranking artists, orators, outstanding experts of phonetics will belong to this group. Members of the second group may be the “technicians”. They can understand and express everything but their language will be neutral without superb linguistic beauties.

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