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6 Phrasal Verbs To Use When You’re ANGRY 🤬

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  • 214. 6 Phrasal Verbs To Use When You’re ANGRY 🤬 00:00

Do you like learning phrasal verbs in English?
But how often do you USE phrasal verbs in English?

One of the best ways to internalize phrasal verbs and use them more often when speaking is to practice them in context and attach some emotion to them – just like with any other vocabulary words in English!

In this episode I share SIX of my favorite phrasal verbs that relate to when I get angry. I talk about when to use them, what they mean, and how to pronounce them.

Here they are:

  • come on – disbelief or frustration at a situation or what someone said or did
  • pissed off – just plain angry about something or at someone
  • cut it out – stop it right now, I’ve had enough
  • freak out – suddenly feel very angry or panicked
  • blow up – suddenly lose your temper
  • get over it – stop making such a big deal about something

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