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Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special

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  • 23. Don’t Let English Keep You Silent | International Women’s Day Special 00:00

Women have been silenced for decades and generations. It’s practically in our DNA.
We don’t live in an equal society and women’s voices are still not being heard enough.
As a RESULT, women tend to be perfectionist, overly-judgmental, and are required to work harder to prove themselves and to succeed.
And when it comes to English, the fear of speaking up becomes paralyzing when you’re a non-native speaker.

In this episode, you’ll find a message from your sisters around the world that will remind you that your voice matters.

Watch the video: https://theaccentsway.com/inspirational-speech-for-women

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2 Responses

  1. i agree with you this secularism culture and the culture of driving to woman to the Sexual objectification and just make it as an object..this is really what makes the woman is suffering … also the christian and jewish story about the woman and she is the cause of the original sin .

  2. Don’t let English keep you silent or don’t let English to keep you silent dear Ms. Hadar ,coz keep is a verb that is why I am a little bit perplexed .Sincerely yours!😌

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