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What is fluency and how can I reach it? Conversations with my student Orsi

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  • 237. What is fluency and how can I reach it? Conversations with my student Orsi 00:00

I’m used to interviewing other people, whether it’s colleagues or students, so it was refreshing to be interviewed by Orsi, an amazing student of mine and one of the ambassadors in my signature program, New Sound!
In this interview, we discuss fluency, motivation, language, and identity.
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Watch the video version of the interview here: https://hadarshemesh.com/magazine/interview-with-orsi/

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  1. Hi Haddar. Orsi is an interested interviewer. I guess she took for granted that you will precisely be the person who can answer her questions with an experienced background. For me, is time to get fluency with fun, in a relaxed way. Maybe, with these premises, we can reach our goals.

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