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11 Tips for Powerful Presentations in English

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Do you avoid giving a talk or a presentation in English? Does it feel the same when it comes to presentations in your first language as well?

Many people find it hard to deliver a presentation, let alone a presentation in English. But in just a few steps, you can turn this experience upside down and no longer be afraid of presentations in English.

Through my own experience giving presentations, and my experience working with students on their presentations, in this episode, I share tips for preparing and delivering a powerful presentation!

To make things easier, I prepared a FREE checklist that you can download right now to really make sure you’re doing what it takes to be prepared and deliver a stunning presentation: https://hadarshemesh.com/presentation-freebie/

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  1. Here you speak more slowly is interesting your advices thank you Hadar you are my INSPIRATION to learn english I want to speak and listening english ….I will want you give me ADVICES for me LISTENIG…..the listening is me most better problen I need to be most better on me english thank you hadar from Guatemala city….

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