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Episode #26

How To Become Fluent In English? Identify Your Challenges Using The Fluency Wheel

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What is fluency exactly? If you want to experience real growth you have to break it down to its different elements and do some soul-searching.

In this episode, I’ll share with you my fluency framework that will help you figure out the 6 elements you need to focus on to get on YOUR OWN way to fluency. This way, you can map out your strengths and weaknesses and learn what you REALLY need to focus on.

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  1. Hi, I’m Kelly from Costa Rica, about almost 3 years ago I got out from a toxic relationship, a marriage with domestic violence, since I split up, I decide to go back and finish my HD, and right now I’m studying English too, in an Institute called Ina, to help people with not economical resources, because I want to find a job when I can speak the language and finally help my kids and my mother and give them a dignified life, I was wondering if tou can give me a piece of advice about the grammar, the rules about when to change the verbs in simple past, simple present, present continuos, etc, I’m able to understand you but for me is difficult the grammar part. I really like listen to you, and your videos in YouTube, I only want to improve and be better in this course that Im doing.

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