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Episode #268

They criticized her English mistakes publicly... and this is how I responded

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Is English really for everyone?
Not according to a YouTube channel named… English for Everyone.

The creators of this channel have published a series of critical videos targeting the mistakes of another YouTube creator with millions of followers – Marina Mogilko.

Marina, a non-native speaker, immigrant, and a very successful creator and entrepreneur is an example of what’s possible when you use English to reach your dreams, and you don’t let your mistakes hold you back.

But apparently, this seems to really bother the ’English for Everyone’ duo, who are on a mission to ‘expose’ Marina and portray her as a fraud, DESPITE the immense value she brings to her audience. (The numbers speak for themselves, yo!)

But it’s not just Marina that they are targeting.
It affects every non-native speaker who may one day dare to speak publicly.
It’s validating the worst thoughts almost every non-native speaker has.
It’s sending a message to non-native speakers that mistakes will cost them their dignity.

In this video I want to share how problematic this approach is, the negative impact it has on the mindset of learners, and why we need to call people out on such behaviors so we can foster an environment that allows everyone to thrive.

I also want to use this opportunity to show solidarity to my fellow non-native speaking teachers and say – WE NEED MORE OF YOU!


Don’t let the grammar police and those who think that English belongs to them stop you from reaching your dreams, making an impact, motivating people, and driving students to take action in a positive way.

Because at the end of the day, what REALLY counts, is that you dare to speak.
And say what you think and want.
And how you make others feel.

And what DOESN’T count – is if you used ‘at’ instead of ‘on’.

I also want to use this opportunity to give a shoutout to my fellow non-native English-speaking creators teaching in English.
You ROCK and you’re making a difference!

Lingua Marina:

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2 Responses

  1. Problem of Marina Mogilko is that she markets herself as native american speaker. We that are learning english and consider ourselves advanced. We look then for specific words pronunciation and Marina teaches incorrect english pronunciation and thanks to channels like english for everyone we can have the right pronunciation and they do it really well.

  2. Hi Haddar, how are you doing? My name is Rogério, I’m from Brazil, I’d like to say what I Love your podcast and YouTube channel. I’ve been studying English for 1 year and some. For sure I’ve made many mistakes but it doesn’t matter. I’m sorry for Marina, unfortunetly, there are good peoples and bad peoples. Marina and you are good peoples, wonderful womens, for sure.

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