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Episode #36

How To Sound Smart In English? Upgrade Your Vocabulary With This #1 Method

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As non-native speakers we sometimes tend to settle for a basic word instead of a more specific, accurate, or sophisticated word.

Yes, I get it.
The reason why this happens is because we feel limited and bored with the words that are available to us. Of course, we know a lot more words in English, we just don’t seem to use them as often.
Watch my previous video about vocabulary to see why:

In this new episode I will help you understand how to integrate more words into your speaking and how to make your speech more varied and interesting (so instead of saying the same basic words, I’m offering a few different expressions to 8 VERY commonly used words).

To see a list of those words with example sentences go here:

Do you use any other expressions instead of the ones I mentioned? Let me know in the comments on the episode’s page.

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2 Responses

  1. Hi Hadar ! Thank you so much for your superb video and podcast. I think you again pointed out a core problem in the English language. I’m using the English as my second language. I feel based on my own experiences that nothing is more important than the proper usage of synonyms and antonyms. That is very important in any languages I guess, but perhaps mostly in the highly dynamic English one. The life generates every day plenty of new English words. In addition, words can change their meaning, even into the opposite one keeping the original one, too. I was first shocked when I heard the phrase, for instance: “If you don’t have time to scan the article, just scan it” ! This dynamism gives may be the one source of beauty in English. Laszlo

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