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Improve Your Speaking Voice in ENGLISH with these Vocal Exercises

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Do you like the sound of your voice when speaking English?
Do you feel that you use it to its full potential?
Can people hear you well?
I don’t mean the metaphorical way of speaking “is your voice heard”’ – I mean – is your voice carried across the room and gets into people’s ears?
Can you express different emotions using your voice?
Do you feel that your voice is varied and interesting? Or is it monotone?

People tend to dislike their voices. In fact, I remember vividly the time when I used to record my voice on an answering machine and I HATED playing it back.
When it comes to speaking a second language it becomes even more challenging.
Because, it’s not enough that we have all those other aspects of a language to deal with (vocabulary, pronunciation, Grammar, etc. ) sometimes, oftentimes, speakers of English as a second language change, manipulate or HIDE their voices when speaking English.

But unlike other physical features, we’re born with – our height, body shape, eyesight – your voice is something you CAN control. If only you knew how.

In this episode, you will learn how to understand your voice, get comfortable with it, and discover a few exercises that will help you free your voice and discover new placements, expressions, and power.

Get ready to dance, sing, laugh, and get out of your comfort zone!

WATCH the episode and find more powerful speeches from TV and MOVIES on my website: https://theaccentsway.com/improve-your-speaking-voice-in-english

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4 Responses

  1. I am sorry ,but this episode is nonsense .I did not get anything except the sound like ….aaaaaaaaaaaaaaa, pppppp, rrrrrrr.Thanks Ms

  2. Wow just fabulous i love your voice you’re my favorite coach i really enjoyed your every episode thanks teacher

  3. just incredible!!! no words to express! the idea of replicating speeches from movies and tvs is a very important one i’ve understood today!

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